Konga's Revenge #3

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Konga's Revenge issues
Issue #2
Issue #3
Konga's Revenge #3
Vol 1 issue 3
Vol 2 issue 1
Written by Joe Gill[1]
Art by Bill Montes (Konga),
Bill Molno (Birthday Gift)[1]
Cover by Dick Giordano
Colors by Rocco Mastroserio (Konga),
Bill Molno (Birthday Gift)[1]
Charlton Comics
Konga's Revenge

"The Trojan Queen" is the third and final issue of the comic miniseries Konga's Revenge published by Charlton Comics in the fall of 1964. It features two comics — a main adventure starring Konga and a backup story called "Birthday Gift" — and a short story titled "The Missing Earthling". It was republished in December 1968 without the backup stories as the first issue of a second volume of Konga's Revenge, but no further issues materialized.


"The Trojan Queen"

Konga, sitting behind a drive-in movie theater, tried to enjoy the showing of a film featuring his favorite actress Andrea Barr, but the chatter of the moviegoers annoyed him. He growled a bit, and the entire theater fled, leaving Konga alone with the still-running movie. Unfortunately, when the film ended, the military sent in artillery, forcing Konga to leave. He travelled north through Canada and into Siberia, where he rested for awhile until Soviet forces arrived and blasted him with their new "nuclear shell propelling artillery piece". Losing his patience with humanity at this latest in a long stream of disturbances that made up his life, Konga headed southeast through Turkey and into the deserts of West Asia, where he weathered the damaging sandstorms just to be away from people.

In his new desert residence, Konga discovered a highway billboard with a picture of Andrea Barr, who was filming a new picture along the coast of the Black Sea in which she played Helen of Troy in a scale recreation of the famous lost city. Konga, not knowing this, made his way there all the same. On set, Andrea Barr was upset with the quality of the picture's lead actor, just as she had been with so many before him. Anton Jorzak director revealed to her that this was part of his ploy to keep her romantically invested in their secret love affair, carried out at the behest of their investor under risk of losing Barr's box-office viability. The two exposit that the casting director Rajah Blair is jealous of Anton's directing position and once proposed to Barr. Konga, who had been spying on them from behind a nearby mountain, watched as the two kissed, and growled in anger, spooking the humans and sending them away. They kissed again, and Konga growled again, sending Jorzak running to Rajah Blair, and ordering him to get all the extras together to search the area for a wild beast. As they searched, Konga picked up Barr's trailer with the actress still inside and tried to make his escape. Despite just having believed that there was nothing dangerous in the area, great floodlights came on and illuminated Konga holding the trailer, as the crew began to fire on him. Jorzak directed the camera crew to film the encounter, while Barr begged them to stop. She walked out onto Konga's hand, having heard of his gentle nature, and politely asked him to leave. On returning to Anton's arms, she explained the ape's crush on her, and sat on a camera dolly which raised her up to the beast's level, where she offered him her friendship.

As Konga retreated peacefully into the mountains, Jorzak exclaimed his intentions to write him into the script, sure that a film starring Konga would be an instant success. Barr was keen on the prospect of having a leading man of Konga's height. After a night of hard work, the writers decided to have Konga be a monster sent by the gods to help the Greeks, but upon seeing Helen of Troy, would turn against them. In the morning, they were faced with the problem of summoning Konga back to the set. Despite their efforts, he was nowhere to be seen, but on hearing Barr's romantic dialogue to the actor playing Paris, he rushed to the set to greet her. Not understanding the concept of acting, much less Jorzak's attempt to get him to wait for his cue, Konga trashed the set to get to Ms. Barr, all of which was caught on camera. Despite the director's intent to film the ape picking her up, Konga with his immense power feared he might accidentally hurt her and thought better of it. As they filmed the battle scenes, Konga kept away from the set, as he was discomforted by violence. Barr imagined that Konga disliked her boyfriend as much as his bitter rival Rajah Blair, and that might put the two on friendly terms, but before anything could come of that train of thought, a sun- and stress-crazed Blair dumped one of the apparently real vats of burning oil used in the film onto the conversing pair. Konga, seeing the smoke from afar, managed to grab them out of harm's way in his massive paw. He then destroyed the prop city in its entirety, unwittingly providing the movie's finale. When his rampage was finished, he looked again upon Barr and Jorzak, but felt no jealousy. All that was left was a feeling of happiness radiating from their love for one another. He quietly left the scene, and his motion picture career, behind him.

"Birthday Gift"

Despite his father's mysterious disappearance on the mountain many years ago, a young man decides to climb the Matterhorn with a group of friends. After getting separated from them, he is helped to the top by a man who turns out to be the ghost of his late father.


"The Trojan Queen"



  • Andrea Barr
  • Anton Jorzak
  • Rajah Blair

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Nuclear shell


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