Godzilla: Oblivion

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Godzilla: Oblivion

Godzilla: Oblivion is a comic book miniseries from IDW Publishing.

Godzilla: Oblivion was first revealed on December 15, 2015, following the end of IDW's latest miniseries, Godzilla in Hell. The series' original name was Godzilla: World's End, but it was set to be changed to Godzilla: Oblivion by the series' release in March 2016. The name change may have been partially to avoid confusion with the 1998 novel Godzilla at World's End.[1] The cover for the issue revealed that the comic would be written by Joshua Fialkov, writer of the Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift comic series, and illustrated by Brian Churilla. The variant cover for issue #1 is illustrated by James Stokoe, known for his work on Godzilla: The Half-Century War and Godzilla in Hell #1, while another cover is done by Graham Nakamura. IDW's solicitations revealed that Godzilla: Oblivion is another five issue miniseries rather than an ongoing.[2]


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7 months ago
Score 0
Seems like a good series of comics. 📖 Sorry there were no comic emojis.


34 months ago
Score 1
This comic series's artwork is not very good...


39 months ago
Score 3
shouldn't we include at least a short summary about the storyline of the comic in main articles like this?
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