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Elias Talbert
Dr. Talbert in Godzilla: Oblivion #3
Species Human
Nationality Unknown, presumably American
Occupation Scientist
First appearance Godzilla: Oblivion #1

Dr. Elias "Eli" Talbert is the main protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2016 comic series Godzilla: Oblivion. He unwittingly brought about the apocalypse in his dimension by creating an inter-dimensional portal.


Godzilla: Oblivion

Issue #1

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, Talbert's assistant Ridley fetched him from his lab to meet their employer Ms. Ishiko Yamada, who had come to test Talbert's inter-dimensional portal before he was ready, despite his acknowledging the risks and that many disaster plots began with the same circumstances. The three then entered the alternate dimension with three security guards, and discovered that the world around them was in ruins. They were quickly attacked by a flock of miniature Rodans, who were fought off by the G-Wranglers and their Mechagodzilla. They were taken away by a team of G-Wranglers, who revealed that monsters emerged ten years ago, but were stopped by Godzilla, whom they naturally feared, and so he kept them from reaching their maximum size and power. They forced the truck to turn around, but they ran into King Ghidorah, who chased them back through the portal.

Issue #2

Two weeks after Ghidorah's invasion, he had destroyed most of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, and Talbert and Yamada were arrested. They were then visited by the U.S. Secretary of Defense, who informed them that they were being sent back through the portal. Before he left, he gave Ridley, who had been made to rebuild the machine, explicit instructions to leave them inside if anything like King Ghidorah began to come through. Talbert then approached the G-Wranglers they had met earlier to ask them for the technology they had used to stop Godzilla, and they revealed that they had never stopped him. He then collaborated with his colleagues from Earth-2 to arrange to move Godzilla from their Earth to Earth-1, which they were happy to help with to aid both of their causes. They then lured Godzilla into the portal with a beacon.

Issue #3

When Godzilla found Ghidorah, they began to battle which caused concerns that Talbert and Yamada had doomed the world. Godzilla knocked Ghidorah down, but he began to carry Godzilla away toward the ocean. The military then launched nuclear missiles at the monsters, but Godzilla survived and destroyed the lures that would have guided him away from civilization, and Ridley was forced to unleash the army of miniature Mechagodzillas that she manufactured based on schematics from Earth-2.

Issue #4

While the Mechagodzillas attacked, Ridley showed Talbert up yet again by suggesting that Ghidorah's size pointed to a strong neural network that could be reanimated using the Earth-2 technology. She and the salvage team then went out to work on their last-ditch effort while Talbert began to work on backup plans to avoid simply shoving Godzilla onto another Earth. Talbert felt betrayed by Ridley's plans, but she began to develop robotic aspects of the new Ghidorah's body while Talbert salvaged the body. Just as they powered their machine up, Godzilla tore into the building and prepared to fight. However, Talbert was faced with more important issues as the portal began powering up from the other side. Just before it opened they received a message that read "we're so sorry" as all the monsters of Earth-2 were unleashed onto Earth-1.

Issue #5

Talbert and Yamada released nanobots into the air to open portals to Earth-2 at all populated areas in order to save the people left alive, and abandon Earth-1 to the monsters. However, to prevent any kaiju breakthroughs, they were designed to close down when one approached, but in order to power the nanobots off, Talbert and Yamada stayed behind as Godzilla ran toward them.


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