Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #3

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
"Tides of War"
Cover A of issue #3 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank, Jeff Zornow*
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee, Chris Mowry
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 7,080[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Tides of War" is the third issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on August 28, 2013.


San Diego has become the latest victim of a monstrous invasion from the sea. With Godzilla recovering from his last destructive battle it's up to a familiar face to fight off the mysterious Destoroyah swarm!


In San Diego, California, at the Science Division of the CKR Headquarters, Steven Woods is greeted by Professor Allison as they bring in the mysterious leg that fell off of Zilla in Hawaii and a chunk of Godzilla's skin. Allison asks what's wrong with Chavez as he sees him coming off the plane with a brown paper bag, to which Woods replies that he hates flying yet he doesn't mind sitting next to a piece of radioactive Godzilla hide. Meanwhile, the CKR Headquarters is being monitored by the Cryog, with the scout disguising himself as a human to go after the Godzilla skin sample after noticing that it's being taken inside. Allison states that the specimen will be secure and showcases a new weapon modified from the Absolute Zero Cannon from the last Mechagodzilla." Allison states that a direct shot will do some damage if the kaiju are hit in the eyes, but the main goal is to pick at them bit-by-bit. Woods replies that the eyes thing doesn't work and asks what the weapon's called, with Allison replying that it's called the "Ice Box" and it can be used to freeze small parts of a monster. As the weapon's being tested, causing a jeep to explode, Allison states that he has a few ready for Woods's team. Woods asks if the government has moved on to these types of weapons and is done with giant robots, to which Allison replies no and that new members from the Monster Kill Crew that have experience building them have been added to the ranks after being given a choice of either hard time or hard work because of threats they had made against the world's governments. Outside the base, the disguised Cryog walks towards the entrance. A guard stops him, telling him that the base is off-limits to the public. The Cryog asks about a transport plane that arrived there a short time ago. The guard refuses to answer, and the Cryog responds by grabbing him by his neck with his tentacle, revealing his true identity. He asks where it was delivered. The guard tries to use his gun, but the Cryog easily disarms him. The guard points to a warehouse nearby, and the Cryog says "thank you" before snapping the guard's neck. The Cryog then tells the strike team to commence landing.

Miles from the CKR facility, several Aggregate Destoroyahs surface from the ocean and invade Ultra Convention VII. At first, the people confuse the Destoroyahs for detailed suits, but they're corrected when the creatures attack. Bullets prove ineffective and security guards call for backup. 200 miles away from the California coast, the USS Goldstein is attacked by Manda, who constricts the aircraft carrier and causes it to explode. What's left of the crew is attacked by Gezora. Back in San Diego, Woods and his team arrive and start fighting the Destoroyahs as they continue attacking the city. They try using their machine guns, but they barely scratch the creatures. Woods asks HQ if there are any other weapons they can use, but no one responds. It turns out the Cryogs have secured Godzilla's skin sample, and they bring it aboard their spacecraft. The aliens state that the sub-surface team's diversion served them well as they take off back into space. Their leader Rhizon states that the humans will be wiped from the planet in due time and that the Cyrogs will finally have their home. Back in San Diego, Woods tries to get the Ice Boxes working as everyone runs out of ammunition. A little girl is cornered by a Destoroyah as it sticks out its toothed tongue to finish her off. Woods tackles it and completely uses up the machine gun's magazine, but Destoroyah uses its tongue to cut off a piece of Woods's armor and draw blood from his shoulder. Woods uses a knife on the Destoroyah and grabs the girl, and just as the Destoroyah closes in, it's frozen by the Ice Box. Woods orders his team to freeze as many of the Destoroyahs as they can. After B Team replies that they've already frozen two of them, Woods tells Chavez that they'll need to get a containment team down there to gather all they can of the Destoroyahs, which seem to be dissolving after they become frozen. Both say they can't communicate with HQ, and Chavez states that the Destoroyahs look like the crab leg found on Zilla, indicating that it could be a new kaiju species. However, the one on Zilla was much bigger than the ones these Destoroyahs have, and Chavez theorizes the Destoroyahs they fought might have been babies. The remaining Destoroyahs retreat back into the ocean.

Back in the Pacific, Godzilla surfaces nearby the wreck of the USS Goldstein. While investigating the wreckage, he's pulled underwater by an unknown creature. Meanwhile, Woods and his team head back to the CKR Headquarters as B Team takes care of the teardown. When Woods and his team arrive, they find Allison as the sole survivor. Suddenly, a paranoid and terrified Allison starts shooting at them. Woods orders his team to hold their fire and hides behind a jeep. He orders Chavez to pull the trigger before Allison if he opens fire again. Woods takes off his helmet and walks towards Allison unarmed to calm him down. Allison warns Woods to stay back and demands to know if Woods is really human. Woods replies that they both know that he's a lousy shot. Allison tells Woods he doesn't know what he saw and then faints, with Woods calling for a medic. Meanwhile, on the Cryog ship, Rhizon states that the Devonian diversion went as planned, but asks if the Godzilla skin is enough to work with. The Cryog that was in the CKR Headquarters replies that it was sufficient, but all of it would have to be used as there isn't enough genetic material for a second attempt. However, Rhizon states that if the new creature did as it should, there would be enough Godzilla to go around, even if it would end up being nothing more than carrion. The subordinate Cryog then asks how would they free the captive monster from its stasis, to which Rhizon replies with them simply needing to create another one in another populated human city, and that they're just about ready with such a thing. Back in Malibu, California, Godzilla appears with a large, bleeding gash on his chest, and he collapses to the ground.



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  • This issue marks the first appearances of Manda and Gezora in any American comic.
  • The issue has many references to the Godzilla franchise on the cover, including a girl cosplaying as a 1965 Xilien on both the cover and within the issue, a shirt with "モスラ" on it, a comic showing a meteor and "Sone Meteor" upside down in the cover which references Toho's "Meteor Zone" show, Zone Fighter, a miniature Super X, a hippy wielding a corncob in reference to Godzilla vs. Gigan, and a man cosplaying as a Moonlight SY-3 astronaut.
    • The original cover artwork featured different Easter eggs, including a toy of the Showa Moguera that was replaced by the Super X model, as well as a model of the Black Shark from the 1969 film Latitude Zero.
  • The "Ultra" in "Ultra Convention VII" could be a reference to Ultraman.
  • Ultraman himself can be seen, obscured, on a comic cover, near a Beta capsule.

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