Minette and Mallory

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Minette and Mallory
Minette and Mallory in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Species Human
Gender Female
Affiliation Dyachenko Offensive Robotics and Technologies
Occupation Students, Battra's priestesses
Related to Unnamed mother (deceased)
Battra (telepathic link)
Allies Cryogs
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3 Godzilla: Rulers of

Minette and Mallory are identical twin psychics who appear in the IDW comics Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters and Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. They serve as dark parallels to Mothra's twin fairies, the Shobijin.


In Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, Mallory's name is spelled Mallorie. This was changed to "Mallory" in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.


Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters

Issue 3

In Cherbourg, Normandy, France, Minette and Mallory are enrolled in a school. A woman explains to the principal that it is the third school they've been transferred to in six months, due to their being entirely mute. Later, the twins watch a group of children play soccer while talking about Godzilla. A boy, Lucas, accidentally kicks the ball towards one of the twins, prompting them to psychically traumatize him with a vision of a monster. The girls look on as a crowd forms around the boy, who convulses on the ground and begins bleeding from his nose and ears. The kids move their game to a beach as the twins sit on a log a short distance away. The ball is kicked past them over a hill, and they decide to follow it. There they discover a giant egg, which they claim to belong to them. The government soon hears of the egg's discovery, and it is reported to the president. On the scene, a crowd begins to form around the egg. Suddenly, a swarm of insects emerge from the egg and fly at the citizens, but immediately begin to drop dead around them. French military personnel soon secure the area and set up explosives around the egg to neutralize it, but are stopped by Minette and Mallory, who kill all of them in an instant. The egg then bursts open, revealing a giant larval creature whom the twins name "Battra."

Issue 4

Shortly after Battra's emergence, another soldier appears in a tank and prepares to fire on the monster. However, the twins use their telepathy to destroy the vehicle with Battra's Prism Beam and proclaim that they will next attack Paris and be made queens. In Paris, the girls raid a nearby toy store for queen outfits. They crown themselves the queens of France, but lament about the authenticity of the crowns. Battra coils himself around the Eiffel Tower and the girls order him to stay put as they break into a museum to steal some real crowns. They decide on the Louvre Museum, where more French soldiers are stationed to ward off looters. Mallory inquires about whether they'll need tickets, but Minette reassures her that queens do not need tickets before killing the soldiers in their way.

Issue 5

Minette and Mallory continue on into the museum and approach an exhibit entitled "The Crown Jewels of France." They smash through the glass, and steal a pair of crowns and scepters as well as an array of prized jewelry. The girls return to Battra on the Eiffel Tower, but find that he has been enveloped by a cocoon. Mallory wonders if he is dead, but Minette assures her that he is simply changing forms.

Issue 7

Some time later, Minette and Mallory dine on cheese in an abandoned park. Mallory comments that it is a nice day, to which Minette replies that every day is nice when you are a queen, because everyone has to listen to your orders. Mallory asks how they can still be queens if nobody is around to act as their subjects, but Minette tells her that once Battra awakens, they will seek out all people and force them to bend to their will. Suddenly, Rodan appears in the skies overhead, zooming past buildings and causing them to crumble. The girls escape back to the Eiffel Tower, and Battra emerges from his cocoon as an imago. They order Battra to kill Rodan, and the monsters engage in a brief dogfight before the girls shout at Rodan to stop. To their amazement, both monsters touch down beside them, now allied under their control. As they observe a newspaper blowing past them, the twins hatch a plan to fly to America with Battra and Rodan so that they can take control of the ultimate monster: Godzilla.

Issue 10

As Steven Woods pilots Super Mechagodzilla into battle against Godzilla in Washington D.C., Minette and Mallory look on from atop Battra and marvel at Godzilla's sheer power. King Ghidorah, who'd been laying unconscious from an earlier bout with Godzilla, awakens and joins the battle. Mechagodzilla uses its Shock Anchors to incapacitate both Godzilla and King Ghidorah before firing on them with its ultimate weapon, the Plasma Grenade. With both monsters seemingly dead, Mechagodzilla flies away, leaving Minette and Mallory alone with their monster pawns. Mallory worries that Godzilla truly is dead, but Minette explains that nothing can kill the King of the Monsters. They float down above Godzilla's body and claim him as their own, with the monster's eye suddenly opening.

Issue 11

Godzilla lays dazed on the ground as Minette and Mallory try desperately to put him under their control. The twins conclude that Godzilla is either sick or worn, and try asking him which it is. When there is no reaction, Mallory says that she has an idea. They order Rodan and Battra to pick up Godzilla, and carry him to a nuclear power plant so that his energy may be replenished. They drop Godzilla into the plant and blast it with Battra's Prism Beams, causing a massive explosion. When the smoke clears, Godzilla appears energized once more. Minette and Mallory order Godzilla to show them his power, and he begins charging his atomic breath. They assume this to be a sign that Godzilla is now under their command, but he instead blasts them out of the sky, burying the girls under rubble.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Changing of the Guard"

In Moscow, Russia, a Russian warmonger by the name of Dyachenko holds a presentation where he reveals his plans to supposedly defend the world's cities against kaiju attacks using an army of mass-produced Mechagodzillas. He demonstrates the machines' powers before the crowd by sending one of the mechas disguised as Godzilla to Alaska to battle Anguirus. A grown-up Minette and Mallory, having survived Godzilla's attack, appear onstage with Dyachenko as his assistants.


As Dyachenko continues his presentation, the twins remove their glasses and look into the crowd. They are later seen with Dyachenko at his base of operations.

"Hunting Party"

While Dyachenko's Mechagodzillas battle with Godzilla in Boston, the U.S. Senator looking on with him at his base demands that Godzilla be finished off. Dyachenko, who reveals himself to be the Cryog leader, Rhizon, objects to the Senator's wishes; Minette and Mallory knock him unconscious and take him away. The girls complain that they were just having fun, but Rhizon assures them that the princesses will one day have their kingdom.

"King For a Day"

As Rhizon's Mechagodzillas return to base, Minette and Mallory ask the alien of their next move. He recalls how the three met, with the twins pointing him in the direction of the dormant King Ghidorah and aligning themselves with him due to their overlapping ideals: to conquer the planet and Godzilla. Rhizon explains that Gigan was too valuable to be lost in battle, and so Ghidorah was revived as Mecha-King Ghidorah. However, he requires the girls to interface with the cyborg so that it may be controlled as a weapon against Godzilla. They agree, and Mecha-King Ghidorah restrains Godzilla with its Machine Hand, but they quickly realize that it was never truly under their control to begin with. Rhizon sends two of his Mechagodzilla units to the scene to help fight against Godzilla while Minette and Mallory continue struggling to gain control over Mecha-King Ghidorah. Eventually, they begin to bleed from the eyes and mouth and lose consciousness. Rhizon then evacuates from the facility, leaving the girls behind.

"Space and Time"

Russian soldiers recover Minette and Mallory's unconscious bodies from the battlefield. Megazoologist Lucy Casprell lays her hands on theirs and is struck by a psychic vision of Godzilla, King Caesar, twin Mothra larvae, the claws of a Trilopod, a Cryog invasion fleet, and a city on fire. They seem to launch a deliberate psychic attack on her from afar in Sao Paolo, Brazil, as Meganulon hatch from their eggs and Godzilla battles Ebirah nearby.

"Signal to End"

Even while drugged aboard a Russian plane, Minette and Mallory manage to summon Battra to their aid. He destroys the fighter jet escorts, breaks the wings off the plane, sets it down on a nearby island, and begins slaughtering the crew. The twins order him to spare the doctors, as they need their assistance to recover. They travel with Battra to Infant Island. In the ensuing battle, Mothra sacrifices herself so that her twin larvae, the Shobijin, and the Infant Islanders can escape. They travel to Monster Island.

"Dawn of the Trilopods"

Battra attacks the Mothra larvae as the Cryogs' ultimate weapons, the Trilopods, touch down on Monster Island.

"Home Invasion"

A Trilopod Alpha and Beta quickly overwhelm Battra before joining to form a Trilopod-Battra hybrid. Calling forth all their psychic power, Minette and Mallory cause the alien kaiju's head to explode, then collapse from the effort.

"Old Rules"

Minette and Mallory recall their first encounter with kaiju: a battle between Kamacuras and Mothra that resulted in their mother's death and earned Mothra their eternal hatred. They implore Battra to rise, and he obeys. In Okinawa, Lucy Casprell, Kristina Sumres, and Jason Ford prepare to awaken King Caesar on the Shobijin's advice to help stop the Trilopod invasion. Minette and Mallory arrive with Battra, who easily dispatches the Seekers accompanying the cryptozoologists on their mission. Before he can kill them, King Caesar revives and a fierce battle ensues. A Trilopod pod lands nearby, and the aliens join the battle. The twins knock out Jason with a rock, then hold Lucy and Kristina hostage. While they threaten King Caesar, Battra prepares to attack him from behind, only to retreat as he spots a Trilopod Alpha approaching. With the twins stunned, Lucy breaks free and King Caesar picks up the kaijuzoologists and the Shobijin. Minette and Mallory vowed revenge, but King Caesar crushed them with a single swipe of his paw.



  • In issue #3 of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, an old man remarks, "Something has gone horribly wrong!" to the Shobijin while watching Battra on TV. They do not appear again for the rest of the comic. Eric Powell explained the original plan for these characters before Toho objected to the comic's grim tone: "Tracy and I planned to set up what would appear to be an approaching conflict between the evil twins and the Shobijin. However, it was eventually going to be revealed that the tiny girls the old man was talking to were actually just wooden dolls and he was, in fact, completely out of his mind. The old man’s madness, though, had some method to it, and he would have later supplied Sergeant Woods with much information about the evil twins’ power and purpose."[1] They also wanted Minette and Mallory to assemble an entire army of monsters, with Mechagodzilla helping Godzilla defeat them.
  • The concept of an evil counterpart to Mothra's fairies was first utilized in Rebirth of Mothra (1996) with Belvera, although she was the same size as the Elias.


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