Hiroshi Okumura

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Hiroshi Okumura
Hiroshi Okumura in The Return of Godzilla
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Age 22 at most[note 1]
Aliases Ken "Kenny" OkumuraG85
Occupation Crew member on the Yahata Maru
Related to Naoko Okumura (sister)
First appearance The Return of Godzilla
Played by Shin Takuma

Hiroshi Okumura (奥村 宏,   Okumura Hiroshi) is a character in the 1984 Godzilla film The Return of Godzilla. For the American theatrical version of the film, Godzilla 1985, Okumura's first name was changed to Ken, with his sister Naoko referring to him as "Kenny."

While he was once a student at Meiho University,[1] he eventually took work aboard the Yahata Maru to pay for his sister's education and soon fell victim to Godzilla.


Heisei era

The Return of Godzilla

As a crew member aboard the fishing vessel Yahata Maru, Okumura used his salary to pay for his sister's education, but was only able to visit her occasionally. After the ship became lost in a storm one night, it neared the desolate Daikoku island. Suddenly, a giant monster appeared, causing Okumura and the crew to panic. During this time, several irradiated Shockirus sea lice that had been exposed to the monster jumped aboard the ship, proceeding to savage most of the crew. After defending himself with a dagger, Okumura shut himself in a locker, where he fell unconscious. By the time reporter Goro Maki discovered the boat adrift, news of its disappearance had spread, and Maki boarded the ship. After finding the bodies of the crew, Maki found Okumura hiding, identifying him by his wallet and discovering he was still alive. However, Maki was ambushed by a sole Shockirus, and was nearly overpowered until Okumura awoke and killed it with a hatchet. On the ship's deck, the two discussed what Okumura had witnessed before being rescued.

Upon his return to the mainland, Okumura was brought to a Tokyo hospital, where he met Dr. Makoto Hayashida, for whom his sister Naoko worked. Hayashida showed him pictures of Godzilla, and with Okumura's confirmation determined that the monster had emerged once again. Both Okumura and Maki were forbidden to release this information to the public however, though Maki tipped Naoko off as to Okumura's whereabouts, which led to the two reuniting. However, Maki had merely used this to get a story, upsetting Naoko. Eventually, when Godzilla's appearance went public following his attacking a Soviet submarine, Okumura was released. After his release, he worked with Naoko and Hayashida to collect information about Godzilla, filming the monster's attack on the Mihama Nuclear Power Plant. Hayashida found that Godzilla possessed a homing instinct similar to that of birds, and decided to create a transmitter device to aid in the defeat of the monster by luring him to Mount Mihara on Izu Oshima and trapping him inside the volcano.

On the night of Godzilla's attack on Tokyo, Hayashida, Maki, and Naoko were working on the device when the creature made landfall. Despite Godzilla nearing the laboratory several times, two N1-00s lured him away, buying them time to work and forcing Godzilla into combat with the Super X. After the transmitter was completed, Okumura arrived via a JSDF helicopter and helped breach the building before descending in a harness. He and Naoko insisted Hayashida be retrieved first along with his device, and although Okumura tried to convince her to go, Naoko told him to follow. Just after Okumura's retrieval, the helicopter was forced to pull away due to strong wind currents, leaving Maki and Naoko to try to escape the building themselves.

Upon reaching the summit of Mount Mihara, Hayashida and Okumura installed the transmitter device into the prepared machinery and activated it shortly after. Upon its activation, Godzilla halted his rampage towards a since-escaped Maki and Naoko to follow the signal, ending his attack on Tokyo and swimming to the island. Okumura then watched with Hayashida and the JSDF as Godzilla entered the volcano's crater before its explosives detonated, causing the monster to fall to an unknown fate.

Video games


The Return of Godzilla

The Return of Godzilla (manga)


  1. Okumura's student ID card states that he is 22 years old and was born on November 30, 1966, which would place The Return of Godzilla in at least 1988. However, because the film's sequel Godzilla vs. Biollante is set in 1989 and is meant to take place five years after it, Okumura must either be younger than 22 or have been born earlier than 1966.


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