Goro Maki (The Return of Godzilla)

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Goro Maki
Goro Maki in The Return of Godzilla
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Reporter
Related to Naoko Okumura (love interest)
First appearance The Return of Godzilla
Played by Ken Tanaka
This page is for the character from The Return of Godzilla. For other uses of "Goro Maki," see the disambiguation page.

Goro Maki (牧 吾郎,   Maki Gorō) is the main human protagonist of the 1984 Godzilla film, The Return of Godzilla. A reporter for the Tohto Times, Maki discovered the derelict Yahata-Maru V adrift while sailing one morning. He rescued the sole survivor on the ship, Hiroshi Okumura, who reported that a monster had killed his crewmates. Maki was issued a gag order preventing him from reporting this, as the monster Okumura saw was Godzilla. Maki instead worked with Professor Makoto Hayashida to find a way to stop the monster. Falling in love with Hayashida's assistant and Okumura's sister Naoko, Maki helped complete a magnetic wave transmitter that Hayashida used to lure Godzilla into the crater of Mount Mihara.


Heisei era

The Return of Godzilla

Maki was sailing on a small boat in the waters off Japan early one morning when he noticed a badly damaged fishing boat floating not far from him. Maki called out to the ship hoping for someone to answer him, but no one responded. Maki climbed aboard the vessel, and found it mostly abandoned. As Maki moved further into the ship he found several dead bodies, drained of all blood. Maki then discovered Hiroshi Okumura, one of the crew members, unconscious but alive, hiding in a locker. Maki was then attacked by Shockirus, the creature responsible for killing most of the crew. Okumura regained consciousness and stabbed the Shockirus with a cleaver before it could kill Maki. Maki took Okumura to his boat and asked him what happened. Okumura responded that a monster did this. When Maki asked if he means the giant sea louse, Okumura responded that there was something much bigger that attacked the boat first, but he could only see part of it. Maki returned to the headquarters of the newspaper he works for in Tokyo to report his story, only to be told it was being censored by the government. When Maki asked his editor why, he responded that the government believed Godzilla destroyed the ship. Maki was instructed to speak to Professor Makoto Hayashida, a local scientist who was an expert on Godzilla. Maki visited Hayashida's lab, where Hayashida explained that Godzilla was a monster created by man, and is beyond the human construction of good or evil. At the lab, Maki met Naoko Okumura, Hayshida's assistant, and learned that she was Hiroshi's sister. Maki decided to take Naoko to the hospital where her brother was being held, only to take photographs of their reunion, angering them both.

After the government revealed that Godzilla had in fact returned, Maki worked with Hayashida, Naoko, and Okumura to find a way to stop him. When Godzilla came ashore near a nuclear plant, Maki, Hayshida, and Okumura arrived at the scene and watched Godzilla feed on a reactor before suddenly leaving. At Hayashida's laboratory, they developed a plan to use magnetic waves to lure Godzilla into Mount Mihara and imprison him under tons of molten lava. Okumura left to work with Hayashida's friend Dr. Minami in setting up the charges on Mt. Mihara. Hayashida, Naoko, and Maki prepared the magnetic transmitter to lure Godzilla, just as Godzilla arrived in Tokyo. Godzilla neared the building and damaged it, closing off the elevators and trapping the three. Fortunately, Okumura arrived in a JSDF helicopter and picked up Hayashida to take him to Izu Oshima. The chopper was forced to leave Maki and Naoko behind, as the turbulence was too great. Maki and Naoko left the building through the bottom, helped by a homeless vagabond who held a rope allowing them to rappel down. Maki and Naoko reached the streets just as Godzilla destroyed the Super X and began approaching them. Thankfully, Hayshida activated the transmitter in time and Godzilla left for Oshima. Maki and Naoko, now attracted to each other after their ordeal, took a helicopter to Izu Oshima and arrived just in time to witness Godzilla being imprisoned in Mt. Mihara.

Video games




The Return of Godzilla (Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special)


  • Maki's name and occupation are likely a reference to the protagonist of Son of Godzilla, though their names are spelled with different kanji.


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