Goro Maki (Son of Godzilla)

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Goro Maki
Goro Maki in Son of Godzilla
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Reporter
First appearance Son of Godzilla
Played by Akira Kubo
This page is for the character from Son of Godzilla. For other characters named "Goro Maki," see the disambiguation page.

Goro Maki (真城 伍郎,   Maki Gorō) is the main human protagonist of the 1967 Godzilla film Son of Godzilla. A reporter searching for a scoop, Maki stumbled upon the United Nations scientific team undertaking Operation Sherbet on Sollgel Island. Maki worked with the scientists, who were hoping to find a way to expand the world food supply by manipulating the weather, but became stranded with them on the island when the experiment went awry. Maki befriended Saeko Matsumiya, who helped him and the others survive before they eventually made contact with the U.N. Narrowly escaping the wrath of the monster Kumonga, Maki and the others were subsequently rescued from the island.


Maki's first and last names are not inverted into the Western format in the international English dub for Son of Godzilla, so his name is given as Maki Goro.


Showa era

Son of Godzilla

While flying over Sollgel Island, Goro felt a pain in his stomach, a sign that there was a scoop in the area. At first, the team of scientists on the island did not take kindly to him, but later warmed up when Dr. Tsunezo Kusumi reasoned that they were short-handed, there was no quick way off the island, and that they needed someone to cook and clean. At first Maki did not want to do this, but was met with the choice of that, or swimming home. On Goro's first night, a giant praying mantis appeared near the camp. Goro was at first quite surprised at creature, later giving it the name "Kamacuras." Shortly after Goro's arrival, the weather conditions mellowed to a point where the team's weather-manipulating experiments were able to begin. after the experiment, Goro expressed concern for the "native girl" he saw in the forest earlier that day. His concerns were scoffed at, under the proclamation that the island was uninhabited. Later on, when items dissapeared from the camp, Maki was proven to be right, as the thief was in fact the "native girl." Shortly after the discovery of the girl, Saeko Matsumiya, three Kamacuras made a pilgrimage to a place where there was radio interference. It was then revealed that the Kamacuras had gone to terminate the source of the interference, Minilla. Godzilla appeared to rescue the infant, and the fighting drove the scientists and Goro out of the base and into Saeko's cave.

When several of the men came down with a fever, Goro and Saeko went to retrieve the cure: a special warm, red water from a lake near where Godzilla and his newly-adopted son had taken up residence. They had to pass through the valley of Kumonga, a giant predatory spider, to do so. Later, a Kamacuras tried to menace Saeko but Minilla came to her rescue, unintentionally awakening Kumonga as he tried to fight back. Goro arrived to help Saeko escaped, but the two were cornered by Kumonga. Goro and Saeko climbed out of a cave the spider had cornered them in, and returned to Saeko's cave. There, they were trapped inside by Kumonga's webbing. Goro and Saeko set up a radio antenna by swimming out of the secret entrance to the cave, allowing Dr. Fujisaki to make radio contact with the U.N., who had already sent a team to rescue them. Goro, Saeko, and the scientists worked together to re-execute the weather-controlling experiment and freeze the island so the monsters would not hinder their escape. They rowed out to sea as the island froze over, witnessing Godzilla and Minilla going into hibernation together. They were surprised when something surfaced from the water near them, only to realize it was a rescue submarine.


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