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A Radioactivity Sonde in Son of Godzilla
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Son of Godzilla Godziban

Sondes (ゾンデ,   zonde) are balloon-borne instruments which appear in multiple pieces of Godzilla media. In the 1967 film Son of Godzilla, two types of sonde are utilized in the weather control experiments on Sollgel Island: the Freezing Sonde (冷凍ゾンデ,   Reitō Zonde), which is detonated between 700 and 800 meters above the ground to cool the air around it, and the Radioactivity Sonde (放射能ゾンデ,   Hōshanō Zonde), which is detonated at 1,000 meters and absorbs the Sun's heat using artificial radiation. Together, the sondes were intended to cool Sollgel to frigid temperatures, but the Radioactivity Sonde was detonated before it reached the proper altitude, causing the island to instead drastically heat up to 70 degrees Celsius. An unspecified sonde also appears in the web series Godziban, freezing Godzi Godzi Island.


Showa era

Son of Godzilla

The Radioactivity Sonde was a major part of the Weather Control Capsule. It would spray a gas that would change the climate. However, something went wrong, and the Sonde exploded, releasing radiation onto Sollgel Island. The radiation caused a heat wave and terrible storms. The radiation also caused the native giant mantis to mutate into Kamacuras. Much later, while Godzilla and Minilla were fighting Kumonga, a second Radioactivity Sonde was deployed, and this time functioned properly, starting a huge snowstorm which cooled the island down.

Video games

Godzilla Battle Line

Freezing Sonde in Godzilla Battle Line
  • Stars: ★
  • Energy Cost: 2
  • Effect Range: Medium

On Use: Deals ranged damaged to enemy units in range and temporarily inflicts them with Slow.

A support effect battle piece that inflicts multiple enemy units with Slow. It can slow down fast-moving enemy units, and put the brakes on already slow-moving units. Its low cost makes it an easy unit to use, including as backup for allied units in combat.


  • In reality, sondes are probes which are used to gather information about their surroundings. Sondes are commonly used in weather balloons.


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