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M-Base is a fictional fifth DNA base found in certain humans, kaiju, and Xiliens in Godzilla: Final Wars. Humans with M-Base are called mutants due to their enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes, and form the backbone of the Earth Defense Force. On rare occasions, the presence of M-Base will lead to an individual known as a Keizer, with a far greater range of powers, including telekinesis, energy projection, and the ability to control humans or kaiju with M-Base, even less-trained Keizers. After defeating his fellow Keizer, the Controller of Planet X, Shinichi Ozaki was even able to use the flying battleship Gotengo to imbue Godzilla with a seemingly limitless source of power, allowing him to destroy Keizer Ghidorah.

The Xiliens used their scientific prowess to genetically alter numerous Earth kaiju so that they now possessed M-Base, allowing them to control them. The Xiliens were unaware of both Godzilla and Mothra, and so these two kaiju remained free of the aliens' control when they launched their invasion of Earth.

Individuals Possessing M-Base

Kaiju Possessing M-Base

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