Trip Wire Cannon

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Trip Wire Cannon
Trip Wire Cannons in The War of the Gargantuas
Targets Gaira
First appearance The War of the Gargantuas

The Trip Wire Cannon (トリップワイヤーキャノン, Torippuwaiyākyanon) is a fictional weapon which appeared in the 1966 Toho film The War of the Gargantuas. The JSDF used them in tandem with Type 66 Maser Cannons to combat the green Gargantua, Gaira.


The Trip Wire Cannon have two different designs. One is cream-colored and rocket-shaped, with four legs to support the body and four spikes to punch into the ground to hold it in place. It has a dish on the back and an energy cannon on top, with a cap-like protrusion on the front end of the barrel. The other version is a silver-bluish rectangle with dials and displays on the front, a dish on the back, and a double energy cannon on top that fires two energy rays, with the protrusion on the rear end of the barrel.


The War of the Gargantuas

After Gaira had made its presence known as a threat to Japan and humanity as a whole, making landfall on the Japanese, the JSDF devised a plan to corral the man-eater into a small electrified lake. Both traditional conventional weapons and new experimental directed-energy weapons - the Type 66 Maser Cannons and the Trip Wire Cannons - were deployed together for the operation. As soldiers placed electrodes into the lake, and Maser Cannons and tanks parked on roads atop hills overlooking the forest, the Trip Wire Cannons were set up in the forest, hidden from view. As night fell, Gaira entered the ambush zone. Low flying helicopters lured Gaira into the path of oncoming fire from the Trip Wire Cannons, burning his legs and corralling him toward tank and Maser fire before the sea monster jumped into the lake in an attempt to escape. The mission seemed it would be a success and the threat would be destroyed when a brown Gargantua, Sanda, came to his brother's rescue. After the failed mission, the Trip Wire Cannons were abandoned, while the Maser Cannons took part in the next engagement with the monsters in Tokyo.



The Trip Wire Cannons fired thin blue energy rays that burned any surface they touched and caused Gaira considerable pain when they struck his leg. The cream-colored version fired one ray from a single barrel while the blue versions fired two rays from a double-barreled cannon; otherwise, the energy beams appeared to be identical to one another. Gaira did not notice the weapons before they opened fire, as they were low to the ground and concealed by the forest.


The Trip Wire Cannons are stationary, making them of limited use in anti-kaiju operations outside of carefully planned traps.



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