Primal Stones

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Primal Stones
A Primal Stone held by Ramone De La Porta
Use(s) Ritual artifact
Creator(s) Atlanteans
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series

The Primal Stones are ancient relics that were first mentioned in episode 1 of the 2000-2001 animated TV series Kong: The Animated Series titled "The Return: Part 1," and then appeared in episode 3 titled "Primal Power." They were sought out by Professor Ramone De La Porta in a plot to take over the world.


The stones are named the Primal Stones of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Lightning, Stone, Infinity, Space-Time, Antimatter, Soul, Life and Death, Eternity, and Power.


The Primal Stones are primarily gold in colour. When they are used, they tend to glow in different colours depending on which one is being used.


Currently how the Primal Stones were made are unknown; however, they were made by Lua's ancestors. 5,000 years ago, the Primal Stones were used to trap the destruction god Chiros with the help of Kong and the Atlanteans, keeping him imprisoned on the island for 5,000 years and preventing him from regaining his power within that time.


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Types and abilities

Each one of the Primal Stones has its own abilites depending on which one is used.


Each of the Primal Stones were used to imprison Chiros for 5,000 years. Even if one stone remains on the island, Chiros cannot escape from it.

Primal Stone of Earth

The Primal Stone of Earth can be used to control the very Earth itself, its powers vary depending on which locust totem it is placed on. Each totem has its own symbol.

  • The totem with the small locust symbol summons the locusts (Earth spirits) to pursue the stone.
  • The totem with the large locust symbol enables the locusts to merge into one giant locust.
  • The totem with the Earth symbol enables the user to control the Earth itself.
  • The totem with the waterfall symbol reverses the effect of the Earth symbol.

Primal Stone of Air

The Primal Stone of Air has the power to create storms, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.

Primal Stone of Fire

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Primal Stone of Water

The Primal Stone of Water can enable its users to breathe underwater.

Primal Stone of Lightning

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Primal Stone of Stone

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Primal Stone of Infinity

The Primal Stone of Infinity can be used to open a portal to infinity. If anyone gets sucked into it, they will cease to exist.

Primal Stone of Space-Time

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Primal Stone of Antimatter

The Primal Stone of Antimatter can grant its user the ability to become invisible.

Primal Stone of Soul

The Primal Stone of Soul can grant its user to control people's minds.

Primal Stone of Life and Death

According to Ramone, the stone can grant its user immortality; however, a specific parchment is needed in order for it to be granted.

Primal Stone of Eternity

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Primal Stone of Power

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While the Primal Stones are powerful, they come with some flaws. In order to use them, one needs to be at a specific location at a specific time.


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