The Return: Part 2

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
The Return: Part 1
The Return: Part 2
Primal Power
The Return: Part 2
The Return: Part 2
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 2
Directed by Chuck Patton & Joe Pearson
Written by Sean Catherine Derek
Larry Di Tillio
Romain van Leimt
Air date Unknown

The Return: Part 2 is the second episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


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The episode opens with Jason Jenkins, Eric Tannenbaum IV, Lua, and King Kong searching the jungles of Kong Island for Ramone De La Porta, who had gone back to Dr. Jenkins' laboratory and taken her hostage. Having seen this via Cyberlink computer, Jason merged with Kong to take on De La Porta. Kong was resistant to the merge, and began to go berserk, and Lua took some time convincing Kong to allow Jason to take command. Elsewhere, De La Porta forced Dr. Jenkins to show him to the Primal Stones. Lua then called for her pterodactyl friend, Saura, to fly them to De La Porta, whose location Jason found by using the Cyberlink, and took Kong along by allowing him to merge with Jason. When they found De La Porta, who had merged with a bear, he was holding Dr. Jenkins, and Jason merged with Kong to fight without endangering her life. Kong won, and knocked the de-merged De La Porta off of the waterfall at which they had fought, leading the "Team Supreme", as Tannenbaum called them, to believe that he was dead.




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