Night of the Talons

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
The Infinity Stone
Night of the Talons
Howling Jack
Night of the Talons
Night of the Talons
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 10
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Glenn Leopold, Romain Van Liemt
Air date Unknown

Night of the Talons is the tenth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


In Paris, France, a Cyber-Gryffin flew away with a car off the street. Meanwhile on Kong Island, Tan set off a herd of Raptors, which Kong quickly warded off. They were then called back to the cave by Dr. Lorna Jenkins, who informed Tan that his parents had been kidnapped in Paris, where Ramone De La Porta had been buying art, and a giant monster had been sighted. Dr. Jenkins deduced that the kidnapping was De La Porta's plan of getting to Kong through Tan. The rest of the group left Tan alone at the computer, where he received an Instant Message from De La Porta, who offered him a trade of Lua for his parents, but he could not tell anyone or bring Jason Jenkins or Kong. Tan agreed and asked Dr. Jenkins for use of her plane. She allowed them to go to Paris, but Jason and Kong came along. In Paris, Jason and Lua let Kong out of Jason's body inside Notre Dame Cathedral after closing, but the ringing of the bells in the towers agitated Kong. A priest who had seen him called the police, and Kong and Jason merged to escape them. Jason and Lua climbed out, and jumped into the river. Elsewhere, Tan met with De La Porta, who tricked him into revealing that Kong had come along. De La Porta then had Omar transform into the Cyber-Gryffin to warn Tan that if Kong came into the deal, he would be destroyed. Jason and Lua then left Kong in the catacombs, and met with Tan who told Jason that an activist group kidnapped his parents and that they had demanded only one person make the exchange or the deal was off. Tan said that he wanted Jason and Kong to go in case anything went wrong. When Jason was gone, Omar came out of the shadows to collect Lua. Having a change of heart, Tan sprang on him, but was held at gunpoint by Frazetti, another of De La Porta's men. De La Porta then revealed that he wanted Lua to unleash the power of the Primal Stone he had brought with him, and refused to return Tan's parents. Omar then brought in someone he had caught outside that turned out to be Jason. The two then merged with their respective monsters, and began to do battle. The Gryffin carried Kong to the Eiffel Tower, where Kong swatted it down as it flew around the top. Kong finally won and threw the monster to the ground, where the impact caused it to de-merge. Omar escaped into the subway, and Tan's parents were returned safely. Tan then revealed to the group that in the fight with De La Porta, he had taken his Primal Stone.




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