Master of Souls

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
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Master of Souls
Master of Souls
Master of Souls
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 15
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Eric Rondeaux
Air date Unknown

Master of Souls is the fifteenth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


On an expedition sponsored by Ramone De La Porta, a scholar named Dr. Caroline Watson discovers an ancient pictogram describing the Stone of Souls, which her colleague refers to as the Stone of Evil, before taking a picture of their find. Watson sent Eric Tannenbaum IV an email with the picture, as she had been friends with him and Jason Jenkins in De La Porta's archaeology class. Lua deduces that it is the Primal Stone of Souls, which has the power to control the human mind, and they run to inform Caroline of the danger of working with De La Porta. Unfortunately, De La Porta discovered their correspondence and had Omar frag her away. Giggles then attacked the heroes' plane as they tried to land, and Kong's presence became too much for Jason to bear, and was forced to jump. unfortunately, his parachute is tangled, and Lua had to go to rescue him, but by that point they are falling to fast for deploying their parachutes to be effective. Kong is able to save them, and with his free hand he backhands Giggles out of the air. Jason and Lua then go to scope out the ruins, as Giggles returned to camp where Omar has just finished binding and gagging Caroline, while De La Porta and Tiger Lucy enter the depths of the Mayan step pyramid through a secret door in the pictogram. There they discover a monolith, which De La Porta describes as the key to unlocking the Stone of Chiros and making him the Master of Souls. Omar then has his jeep stolen by the escaping heroes, but is aided by Frazetti, who helps him to give chase and Merge with an anteater to better chase them down. The Cyber-Anteater swipes them off the road, and Kong comes to aid them. Jason attempts to merge, but discovers that they lost the Cyber-Link in the crash. Kong defeats his assailant by batting him away with a tree, and it crushes Frazetti's car. In the search for the Cyber-Link, Jason angers Kong, he storms away. As Tann and Caroline return to the plane, they are captured by De La Porta. He then performs a ceremony with the Stone of Souls and puts them under his control. Lua, Kong, and Jason then appear trying to free them, and De La Porta merges with a jaguar and fights with Kong. Lua then instructs Kong to destroy the Stone of Evil, which was channeling the power of the Primal Stone, and Kong does so with a rock before throwing De La Porta into the pyramid.





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