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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Blue Star
Chiros' Child
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 23
Directed by Chuck Patton
Joe Pearson
Written by Jean-Christophe Derrien

Renewal is the twenty-third episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


After being kept out of the lair all day, Lua and Kong decide to return to see why they are not allowed in, only to discover a surprise party being held in honor of Kong's 15th birthday. After the festivities conclude, and everyone is asleep, Lua leads Kong out of the lair, but unknowingly awakes Jason Jenkins in the process. Jason and Tan follow Lua and Kong, and witness her use a Primal Stone to open a portal that she enters with Kong before Jason and Tan are sucked through as well. They awaken in the mud on another tropical island, but discover that it has two suns and a green sky. On hearing Kong's roar, they run toward it, only to find that he is battling a red version of Onimous. Lua is upset to see that she was followed, but Jason notices that the erupting volcano is endangering the local dinosaurs, and beseeches Kong to help them, before resolving to leave Kong to fight Red Onimous and merging with a Pteranodon to save the dinosaurs by flying to them and merging with a Triceratops to knock down a rock pillar to divert the lava flow. Unfortunately, the ground beneath Kong and Red Onimous gives way, and a shaman comes out of the jungle to say that Kong has failed the test. Jason saves Kong in pteranodon form, but this does not alter Kong's failure. The shaman then reveals himself as Lua's ancestor, the first Shaman of Kong Island, who lives in the alternate dimension that they are in to judge whether or not the new Protector of Kong Island is worthy, and Lua took Kong there because he had finally become an adult, but Kong failed the test. The shaman reveals that the test was failed because Kong chose to fight Red Onimous rather than save the dinosaurs. Lua and Jason protest because Jason's interference had saved the dinosaurs and defeated the enemy, but the shaman's judgement is final, and he revokes the title of Protector from Kong. At Lua's begging for another chance to prove that Kong is governed by his heart rather than his temper, the shaman tasks the team with retrieving the Primal Stone from the top of a mountain without helping Kong in order to return home with the title of Protector. In the jungle, Kong encounters another, more red colored Kong that the shaman explains to the team represents the dark side of Kong's nature. Kong tries to run away from his double toward the Stone, but is knocked off his feet by him with a tree before being lassoed. Kong breaks free but finds the red Kong gone. He continues his mission to the mountain as the brewing storm grows more ferocious. The shaman then informs the team that the impending tidal wave will cover the entire island before disappearing. As they run inland, they see that the red Kong is trying to pull Kong down off the mountain, and nearly drags Kong into the crevice at the mountain's base before disappearing. When Kong reaches the top, the Shaman encourages Kong to take the stone and pass the trial, but he instead saves his friends, and the shaman undoes the tidal wave, proclaiming Kong the island's true protector. They then return home safely.





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