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Locust Guardian
Locust Guardian in Kong: The Animated Series
Species Locust
Forms Swarm, Guardian
Enemies Kong, Ramone De La Porta
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
Episode 18: Indian Summer

Locust Guardian is a Native American insect deity kaiju that first appeared in episode 18 of the 2000 animated kaiju show, Kong: The Animated Series titled Indian Summer.


The Locust Guardian's name is unconfirmed, but its title comes from the fact that it is an enormous locust that guards an ancient temple.


Locust Guardian has an insectoid body that is mostly light green in color, but with yellow pectoral muscles and a yellow midriff. It has a small green head with two thin antennae with bulbous blue eyes. It boasts four arms and two legs with brown digits on each, four on each hand and two on its feet. Locust Guardian has four wings that extend from its back.


Locust Guardian's origins are left ambiguous, but it is somehow connected to the Primal Stone of Earth, as it is created from the locust swarm guarding the Ancestral Temple by inserting the stone into a locust statue marked with a locust. It is possible that it exists to protect the Stone as it will chase after whoever holds it.


Kong: The Animated Series

Indian Summer

After Giggles and Tiger Lucy entered the Ancestral Temple, they removed a locust statue from the main chamber and left, not knowing that the statue they sought lay in a hidden chamber. In New York City, their employer Ramone De La Porta inserted the Primal Stone of Earth into the pilfered statue, but instead of giving him the power to control stone, it summoned a swarm of angry locusts. De La Porta took the stone and fled back to the Ozark mountain range to find the correct locust totem. The Primal Stone changed hands a few times in an attempt to stall the locusts to allow the humans to enter the temple, and they left Kong to battle the swarm to prevent them from doing them any harm. Kong fought as hard as he could, but inside the temple the humans placed the stone on a totem marked with a locust, which transformed the swarm into the Locust Guardian. It quickly defeated Kong, and broke into locusts to enter the temple and combat De La Porta, who had used the Primal Stone to build an armor of stone around himself. He then used his power to encase the Locust Guardian in a pillar of stone. He was defeated by Kong, but the Ancestral temple collapsed on top of the stone that trapped the Locust Guardian.



  • Locust Guardian, if hit hard enough, or in order to escape a conflict has the ability to break into a swarm of locusts, strong enough to shred metal.


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  • Despite their appearance in the show, locusts have been extinct in the United States since 1902.


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