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A Mindcrawler in The Hidden Fears
Species Spider
Forms Natural, dream
Enemies King Kong
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
episode 11, "The Hidden Fears"

The Mindcrawler is a variety of spider monster that appear in episode 11 of the 2000 animated series Kong: The Animated Series, titled "The Hidden Fears."


The Mindcrawler's name is a combination of the English word mind, referring to the metaphysical brain, and crawl, a word describing slow, or low to the ground movement. Its name suggests that it walks in one's mind. This is a reference to its ability to send its victims into comas where they had visions of the spider.


The mindcrawler has a red body in two segments with three orange stripes on its black-tipped thorax. It has five purple eyes, and eight gray legs with red tips. It has two small pincers on its face.


The Mindcrawler spider lived on Kong Island for generations, and produced a nonlethal venom that would send its victim into a coma filled with terrible visions. The Atlanteans inhabiting the island were never able to find a cure for the venom.


Kong: The Animated Series

The Hidden Fears

While a Mindcrawler prepared to dine on a gargantuan fly, Harpy picked it off of its web and squeezed the venom out of its body and put it into a special sphere before dropping the spider back into its web. Its venom was then used to poison the Island Guardian, Kong, who fell under the venom's influence despite his size and power. In his fever dream, Kong saw himself trapped in the web of a Mindcrawler, and unable to escape. The last remaining Islander, and its De Facto Shaman, Lua, then used her connection to Kong to share his dream and to try to talk him out of his coma from the inside. She was initially unable to stir him, but they escaped the Mindcrawler by Lua reminding Kong of his immense power and responsibility.



  • The Mindcrawler can produce a web of silk using its thorax.


  • The Mindcrawler produces venom that puts its victims into a coma that is un-treatable by conventional and unconventional means.


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