The Sleeping City

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
The Hidden Fears
The Sleeping City
Top of the World
The Sleeping City
The Sleeping City
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 13
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Larry Di Tillio,
Romain Van Liemt
Air date Unknown

The Sleeping City is the thirteenth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


While on an expedition in Egypt, Ramone De La Porta, and a Dr. Nagir and his expedition team discover ‘’Akurvaash’’, the sleeping city, and possibly the Hall of the Gods. De La Porta then forcibly overtakes the expedition at gunpoint. Elsewhere, Jason Jenkins and his friends are spying on Dr. Nagir’s house due to a tip from Dr. Jenkins that he was collaborating with De La Porta. Shortly after, they and Kong were forced to flee due to a helicopter carrying De La Porta’s henchmen approaching. They then chase Kong, who was heading to the house, and they discover Nagir’s daughter Amina being kidnapped by De La Porta’s men. On seeing Kong, Giggles merges with a crocodile in the helicopter to become Cyber-Crocodile. Kong sends Giggles crashing into the house, but Omar and Frazetti are able to get away with Amina by trapping Jason and the others in a net. Luckily, Tann is able to plant a tracking device onto the helicopter as it takes off. After freeing his friends, Kong is attacked by Giggles, who had been safely abandoned by his cohorts. Kong then knocks Giggles’ Cyber-Link off and he runs away, allowing for Jason and Kong to track the helicopter to its source undisturbed. At the dig site, De La Porta has fired all of the workmen, and takes the Scarab of Ta, which Amina had with her when she was kidnapped, and uses it to open the Sleeping City to find the Staff of Set. He then forces Nagir to lead them through the temple and into the Hall of the Gods. Outside, Kong, Jenkins, and their friends prepare to enter. In the Hall of the Gods, De La Porta stops at the statue of Set, the God of Night and Evil, and prepares to awaken him with a Primal Stone. He successfully awakens Set, who fulfils his promise to grant whoever awakens him eternal life by turning De La Porta into a statue and releasing his servants onto the Nagirs and De La Porta’s henchmen. As the Nagirs escaped, they encounter Jenkins and Tann, who call Kong and Lua from the hallway to battle their foes. Kong defeats the servants by throwing them at Set, who absorbs them into his body. After swatting Kong away, Set begins to exert magic and raises the sunken city to surface level, which Nagir assures them will revive all of the Egyptian Gods, and destroy the world. Kong and Jason then merge to prevent the Apocalypse, but they are no match for Set. Amina then recalls that Osiris was Set’s enemy, and Lua then instructs Kong to use Osiris’ weapon against Set. Kong wrenches Osiris’ whip from the statue’s hand, and uses it to break Set’s Staff. This causes Set to turn to stone and crumble, which resurrected De La Porta. They then escape the crumbling chamber, but De La Porta grabs his Primal Stone before finding an exit in the roof.




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