Indian Summer

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Enlil's Wrath
Indian Summer
Welcome to Ramone's
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 18
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Jean-Christophe Derrien

Indian Summer is the eighteenth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


While searching the woods, Giggles and Tiger Lucy discover a grasshopper temple and take a grasshopper statue they find inside. They fly away in a helicopter, but are noticed by a Native American man named Red Crow, who was a friend of Dr. Laurel Jenkins, and he contacted her to get Kong's help to get it back. At his museum, Ramone De La Porta uses the statue to activate the Primal Stone of Earth, however when it is activated he discovers that they have the wrong totem, as it summons a swarm of grasshoppers that are after the stone. De La Porta escapes in a helicopter, but is followed by the insects. He crash lands near the temple, and on seeing Jason Jenkins and his friends plane he begs to be rescued. Jason insists they save him from the locusts, but they then pursue their plane. Jason jumps out and merges into Kong, and they chase De La Porta to the temple, where he intends to stop the locusts with the other totem therein. They leave Kong outside to buy them time from the locusts, and enter a secret temple chamber with three Locust statues each marked with a different symbol. Lua places the Primal Stone on to the statue marked with a locust, and outside, the locust swarm forms a single gigantic Locust. De La Porta then places the stone onto the statue marked with a mountain, and obtains the power to control the Earth, and creates a stone suit around himself and immediately takes Jason out. The Locust Guardian then enters the temple after moving the stone slab that sealed it and broke into a swarm. It re-forms in order to fight De La Porta, but is sealed in stone. Kong then arrives to fight him, and knocks the stone away from him, allowing Jason to remove his power by placing the stone in the statue marked with a waterfall. The temple then begins to collapse. The humans make it out alive, but Kong is trapped under the rockslide, but is able to muscle his way out. Red Crow then approaches and informed them that De La Porta's fate is tied to the 13th Stone.





  • Locusts play a large part in this episode's story despite the Rocky Mountain Locust, the only Locust native to the United States, having gone extinct in 1902.


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