The Return: Part 1

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
The Return: Part 1
The Return: Part 2
The Return: Part 1
The Return: Part 1
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 1
Directed by Chuck Patton & Joe Pearson
Written by Sean Catherine Derek
Air date 9/9/2000

The Return: Part 1 is the first episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


The episode opens with a young Jason Jenkins and a clone of King Kong playing hide and seek in a snow covered forest before rushing to the aid of Jason'd grandmother who was being robbed for her research. Due to the thieves surprise at seeing the cloned Kong, the laboratory exploded and Dr. Jenkins vowed to return Kong to Kong Island. Years later, Jason was awoken in a college History class by Professor Ramone De La Porta. After class, Del La Porta asked Jenkins if he had contacted his grandmother about allowing him to go along on an archaeological expedition, Jenkins then sent an email to his grandmother to ask her, and De La Porta intercepted the message and made her reply affirmatively. Later, Eric Tannenbaum IV flew them into the Bermuda Triangle to find Kong Island with a wearable computer headset given to Jason by his grandmother to guide them. They crash landed oon the island, but were all unharmed before being attacked by a Tyrannosaurus rex. Tannenbaum and De La Porta were able to find cover, but the dinosaur chased Jason until they encountered Kong, who fought it off. He then received a call from his grandmother, who sent her friend Lua to find his friends. When they all got to Dr. Jenkins' laboratory, Kong became violent at the sight of De La Porta, and ran into the jungle. Jason and Eric went to find him, and De La Porta revealed to Dr. Jenkins that he was one of the thieves who wanted to steal her information on the "Primal Stones”, which would allow their owner to control the elements. While they spoke to each other, Dr. Jenkins broadcast their conversation to Jason's Cyberlink computer and discreetly told him that he could use it to merge with Kong. Lua then emerged to stop De La Porta with her pet Sabre toothed cat Chandar, but De La Porta used a stolen Cyberlink to merge with it. In an attempt to stop De La Porta, Jason merged with Kong in a Tokusatsu-inspired transformation sequence and fight off De La Porta, but allowed him to escape due to conflicting wills. They were forced apart, but were unharmed by the process.




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