Howling Jack

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Night of the Talons
Howling Jack
The Hidden Fears
Howling Jack
Howling Jack
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 11
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Lein Wein,
Romain Van Liemt
Air date Unknown

Howling Jack is the eleventh episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


On a news report, the formerly famous director Jack "Howling Jack" Crockett was the focus of a "Where are they now" segment, dedicated to learning the current exploits of former stars. While filming a monster movie called The Beast that Battered Bakersfield, Crockett's editing was interrupted by a fight between Kong and a Cyber-Cat. Crockett was the only one to see the monsters, and was dumbfounded by the revelation that Kong was alive after being attacked with planes years before. He then approached his team to suggest that they find Kong and film him to be in their movie. Ramone De La Porta escaped with the stone tablet that his henchman Giggles had been fighting with Kong over, and Jason Jenkins returned to his friends to inform them of the bad news. Dr. Lorna Jenkins then called to inform them that the stone had been a fake and that the real one was on loan to a museum near the LeBrea Tar Pits. Unfortunately, De La Porta learned of this as well. Meanwhile, Crockett hastily prepared a backup animatronic for The Beast that Battered Bakersfield and set out to defeat Kong on film. He then found Kong feeling homesick near the Hollywood sign, and Kong did not know what to think of the hastily prepared Mech, which attempted to attack him before malfunctioning and plummeting to the valley floor. Jason and his friends tried to get to the museum before De La Porta, but Kong's fear of cities proved a minor hindrance. At the Tar Pits, De La Porta reveals that his upgraded Cyber-Link Computers had been set to maximum sensitivity, so that merging would be possible with even faint traces of prehistoric life from the pits, and when Kong arrived, he was faced with De La Porta as a Cyber-Tyrannosaurus and Omar as a Cyber-Triceratops. Crockett then arrived to film and take part in the action, but the ill prepared animatronic suit failed him again, causing him to lose his footage, and fall into the Tar Pits while the police arrived, leading to his arrest. On Kong Island, Dr. Jenkins began to transcribe the Stone Tablet.




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