The Hidden Fears

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Howling Jack
The Hidden Fears
The Sleeping City
The Hidden Fears
The Hidden Fears
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 12
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Sean Catherine Derek,
Romain Van Liemt
Air date Unknown

The Hidden Fears is the twelfth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


After somehow regenerating from her previous encounter with Kong, Harpy milks a Mindcrawler Spider for its venom. She and some ApBats then infiltrate Kong's lair, and an ApBat leads Lua's Sabre-toothed Cat Chandarr into a pitfall. On the way home from their travels, Lua, Jason Jenkins, and Tann encounter rough weather and are unable to land despite Kong and Lua's sensing trouble on Kong Island. Harpy then questions Dr. Jenkins on the location of the Primal Stones. She reveals that Lua hid the stones from them, and Harpy makes it her goal to find Lua, who was just landing with Tann and Jenkins. They spot Chandarr in the pitfall, and let Tann off to help him. Kong then rushes into his lair, where Harpy had lain a trap. The ApBats swarmed Kong, and one poisons him with the spider venom Harpy had collected. Deeming it unsafe to merge with Kong to help fight off the invaders, so he instead merges with Lua's pet Pteranodon, Saura. He begins to fight them off, but Harpy and the ApBats flee to Chiros to find the Primal Stones. Assuring her master that Kong is soon to be dead, Chiros begins to plot to eliminate the humans. Dr. Jenkins deduces that Kong is in a coma, and Lua reveals an ancient remedy she learned from the Shaman's Scrolls of Kong Island. She can use her connection to Kong to enter his mind, though she risks entering Kong's coma with him, and appoints Jason as Shaman in her place if that should happen. Jason then goes out to find an animal suitable to replace Kong as a merging partner to fight Chiros with in Kong's absence. Inside Kong's Mind, Lua finds him dreaming that he is in the Mindcrawler's web, and Despite her efforts to awaken him, Lua falls into a coma as well. Chiros gives the order to eliminate the human intruders, and when Harpy and her forces reach Kong's Lair, Tann captures them with specially made net devices he picked up on his travels. Harpy escapes, but gives Tann a dire warning about the power of Chiros' forces before returning with more ApBats and Onimous. Just as he is cornered, Jason arrives as a Cyber-Tyrannosaurus, and is able to distract Onimous, but he is hit too hard and he de-merges just in time for Kong to arrive, after Lua, in their shared coma, was able to remind Kong of his power. Kong punches Onimous in the face, and Harpy gives the call to retreat, taking the ApBats with them. Tann then mourns the loss of his net equipment, but plans to have better ones made.




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