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Harpy in Dark Forces Rising
Species Winged Humanoid
Forms Statue, Organic
Controlled by Chiros
Allies Chiros
Enemies King Kong, Lua
Played by Pauline Newstone
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series Episode 4: Dark Forces Rising

Harpy is a sentient flying reptile humanoid monster that first appeared in episode 4 of the 2000 animated series, Kong: The Animated Series titled Dark Forces Rising.


Harpy's name comes from the half-bird, half-woman monsters from Greek Mythology, who were said to be wind spirits meant to represent the damage winds can cause. The Mythological harpies' names implied that they were thieves.[1]


Harpy appears as a nimble and muscular female reptilian humanoid, with wings and long arms. She has pointed ears with portions of flesh missing from each of them, slit pupils, and a small yellow jewel on her forehead. Harpy also has three spikes on her shoulders, and two spikes on her abdomen. She is primarily sickly pale-gray in color, with green wing membranes, and dark blue armor-like skin. She has four claws on her feet, with three in the front and one in the back.


Harpy was a servant of Chiros during his initial attack on Atlantis. After his fall, she became a statue in his temple.


Kong: The Animated Series

Dark Forces Rising

After Ramone De La Porta removed most of the Primal Stones from Kong Island, Harpy was able to escape her statue form and begin to search for the seal of Chiros. After searching the island and locating the seal, Harpy returned to the Temple of Chiros to find that Lua was there and was preparing to seal Chiros away again with the remaining Primal Stones. Harpy quickly cast a spell on the shaman in order to use her power in resurrecting Chiros. Harpy took Lua and the seal of Chiros to the volcano where her master was propheseid to rise again and began the ritual. She was quickly interrupted by Kong, and she sent her minions after him so that she could continue. When he had defeated her minions, and Lua had been freed by her friends, Harpy attempted to fight Kong, but was quickly swatted away. Much to Harpy's pleasure, Kong then threw the seal into the lava, which would allow him to return to power. Back up in his temple, Chiros was not powerful enough to leave the temple, but did possess a statue to fight Kong. He was defeated, but Harpy was able to fly away.


After sensing that his age-old rivals, King and Queen as Rahni and Uulak of Atlantis, had been reborn in the bodies of Lua and Eric Tannenbaum IV, Chiros sent Harpy and Onimous to apprehend them before they used the power of the Great Crystal to destroy him. When they located the reborn royals, Harpy descended from the ceiling with a horde of ApBats and took advantage of the Atlanteans attacking their other rival Jason Jenkins over the possession of the bodies they had inserted their consciousnesses into, and attacked them both from above. The humans formed a truce, and they were able to defeat all of the ApBats, and Kong managed to grab Harpy out of the air and fling her at the temple wall so hard that she disintegrated into dust.

The Hidden Fears

After being inexplicably revived off camera, Harpy harvested a Mindcrawler's venom to poison Kong. She and a group of ApBats then swarmed Kong's lair and dropped the poison onto his head, incapacitating him instantly. With Kong out of the way, Harpy began to search for the Primal Stones, which an interrogation of Dr. Lorna Jenkins revealed that the Island Shaman Lua was the only one who knew their location. After informing Chiros that Kong was out of the picture, Harpy was ordered to eliminate the human intruders. She and a group of ApBats then attacked Kong's Lair, but were captured in nets by Tannenbaum. After retreating and returning with Onimous, Kong reawakened with Lua's help and fought them off, prompting Harpy to call for a retreat.



  • Harpy can use her wings to fly


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