The Beast that Battered Bakersfield

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The Beast that Battered Bakersfield
The Beast
The spare suit
Species Animatronic
Forms Cinematic, spare
Controlled by Jack Crockett
Enemies King Kong
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
episode 11: "Howling Jack"

The Beast that Battered Bakersfield is a theropod mecha that first appeared in episode 11 of the 2000 animated kaiju series, Kong: The Animated Series titled "Howling Jack."


The Beast's name comes from the title of the film it starred in, The Beast that Battered Bakersfield.


The Beast first appears as a theropod saurian cyborg with green skin, five yellow horns, tridactyl hands, and robotic legs with exposed muscle fibers. After that Animatronic was destroyed, it was replaced with a backup animatronic with a medieval mace for its right hand, and a reptilian hand for his left, and a glass bubble over its cockpit.


The Beast that Battered Bakersfield was the star of a monster movie made by former Hollywood director gone independent Jack Crockett, with which he intended to revolutionize the monster film genre. It was an animatronic suit operated by Crockett from the inside.


Kong: The Animated Series

"Howling Jack"

Immediately after filming wrapped and editing began, his set, along with the animatronic was crushed by a battle between Kong and Cyber-Cat. Crockett, being astounded that Kong was still alive after his unfortunate encounter with airplanes in New York City, and became determined to defeat him on film to put into his movie as his ticket back to Hollywood. With the finished animatronic destroyed, Crockett had his staff ready the backup animatronic, which was nowhere near completion, and they set out to find Kong. They located him near the Hollywood sign using a radar, and Crockett piloted the patchwork mech out to fight Kong, but its structural ineptitude led to a malfunction that sent it tumbling down the mountain. Not being one to give up hope, Crockett took the mech to the LeBrea Tar Pits, where Kong and two other monsters had surfaced. Crockett ordered that his crew film all of the battle, and piloted the suit into the fray. Once again its ramshackle structure proved its downfall and it launched a missile, the recoil from which sent it flying backward into the Tar Pits.



In its second form, The Beast can eject stun batons from its collar to electrify opponents.

Rocket Launcher

The Spare form of The Beast has multiple rockets behind a plate on its chest.


Despite its being a robot, the Beast's first form can survive in water.


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