Enlil's Wrath

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Enlil's Wrath
Indian Summer
Enlil's Wrath
Enlil's Wrath
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 17
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Dominique Latil
Air date Unknown

Enlil's Wrath is the seventeenth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


While Omar and his associates kidnap a man from his desert camp, Eric Tannenbaum IV is teaching Kong to use objects like baseball bats to deflect projectiles. During this exercise, a storm rolls in, and Tann returns to Kong's lair while Kong stays outside. Jason Jenkins is helping his grandmother troubleshoot reasons as to why their sensors on the island had gone offline, when Lua comes in to report that the animals of the island were beginning to act strangely. They deduce that it is the work of Ramone De La Porta, who wishes them to remain on the island. They then board Dr. Jenkins' plane, but the weather is too adverse for them to take off, so Kong pushes them into gentler waters. They take off safely, while Dr. Jenkins discovers a vortex over Iran, which she bids them to investigate. The vortex is being created by a ritual being performed on one of De La Porta's Primal Stones. Jenkins reports that she believes that the storm system over Iran is being sent to Kong Island. They arrive in Iran, and travel through the desert where they are separated from Kong, and captured by a nomadic tribe that take them prisoner for allegedly kidnapping their Shaman. Kong rescues them in the night, but the tribesmen notice and regard Kong as a demon, to whom they must pray to Enlil to be rid of. De La Porta begins to grow impatient as he waits for the Shaman to use the Primal Stone to destroy Kong Island with the weather system. He has his henchmen search for Kong and his friends, and Frazetti finds them and merges with a Hyena he finds in a nearby cave to pursue them. At first, the Cyber-Hyena's speed is too much for Kong, and Jason is too far away to merge with him, so Tann bids Kong to slide under the Hyena's feet, which causes it to fall forward and come un-merged. They capture Frazetti, who tells them that they are too late to save Kong Island, and they let him go and rush to the co-ordinates given to them by Dr. Jenkins. Kong and Jason climb the mountain to the temple where De La Porta delivers an ultimatum: save the nomadic Shaman, or get the stone. Jason and Kong then un-merge to do both. Kong gets the stone, but De La Porta gets away. When speaking to the Shaman about the Stone, he defends them from his tribesmen, by revealing that Chiros destroyed their ancestors civilization, and so they prayed to Enlil, god of storms to aid The Protector when he returned, as he had defeated Chiros. He then reversed the damage on Kong Island, and Dr. Jenkins watched as a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.





  • This episode is features the series' reversion to the original title card used in episodes one to nine.
  • When Dr. Jenkins checks the location of the vortex, the computer shows it in northern Morocco, but she reports to Jason and his friends that it is in Iran.


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