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Image gallery for Yeti

Yeti in Top of the World
Species Unknown
Forms Natural, Cyber-Yeti
Allies Kong
Enemies Ramone De La Porta
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series Episode 14: Top of the World

Yeti is an ape-like kaiju that first appeared in episode 14 of the 2000 animated kaiju show, Kong: The Animated Series titled Top of the World.


Yeti shares his name with the mythological Yeti of Nepali folklore, as it is intended to represent that entity.


Yeti is a large tan hominid mammal with a mane of thick white fur. Its facial structure bares a long, flat nose and relatively small eyes. It has five digits on each hand and foot, and its muscle structure can be seen through the thinner fur covering its torso and lower body.


While Yeti's origins are left ambiguous, It has lived as a secret kept by floating monks in a secretive monastery, who at some point, trained the Yeti to come to their aid at the call of three wooden horns in harmony. The characters from the Americas do not show any recognition of Yeti, or of the Yeti legends, which could indicate that in-Universe, the Yeti legends do not exist.


Kong: The Animated Series

Top of the World

Yeti lived in the Himalaya mountains, and one day it came across Kong trapped in an ice hollow. He reached in to help the stranded ape, and pulled him to safety. On noticing how similar they were to one another, they began to wrestle. They quickly came to like one another and continued their romp until Yeti heard the horns at the monastery being blown to summon him. He bade his newfound friend to follow him, and they began to combat the forces of Professor Ramone De La Porta, who was after a scroll featuring the monks' knowledge of the Primal Stones of the Elements. Mid fight, Yeti is forced to become merged with an Indian mercenary named Rajeev, and becomes Cyber-Yeti, under Rajeev's control. Cyber-Yeti then began to best Kong in combat, until Kong merged with Jason Jenkins, and their combined rage formed Mega Kong, who was controlled by Kong's instinct to fight. Mega Kong beat Cyber-Yeti and nearly killed him and threw him from a mountaintop, but Kong's shaman Lua was able to calm him down, and break the Cyber-Link Wearable Computer binding Yeti to Rajeev. Yeti was heavily wounded, but the monks deemed it within their power to nurse him back to health as Kong went to eliminate the threat of the mercenaries.



  • Yeti's physical strength is on par with those of Kong's.


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