"The Sub-Zero Terror"

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Godzilla Episodes
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"The Sub-Zero Terror"
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"The Sub-Zero Terror"
The Sub-Zero Terror
Series Godzilla
Episode # 12
Air date November 25, 1978

"The Sub-Zero Terror" is the twelfth episode of Godzilla.


A group of hikers are navigating through the Himalayan Mountains in search of a reputed source of geothermal energy. While heading towards their campsite, they are stopped by the team's native of the land, Ten Sing, who warns them that the upcoming territory belongs to an ancient beast known as the "Great Watchuka." Undeterred, the hikers continue their expedition. Suddenly just as they are about to pass through the forbidden zone, a freak avalanche occurs in front of them, threatening to bury them all alive. Luckily the hikers manage to escape, but their campsite is buried. The hikers and shocked to see what the cause of it was... A giant, white yeti-like monster, the Great Watchuka itself.

Sometime later, the Calico Crew are seen sailing in on a nearby village to the mountains. Reaching their destination, Quinn recognizes one of the hikers from before. A scientist named Dr. Rourke who is an acquaintance of the crew. After reuniting with each other, Dr. Rourke explains his encounter with the Watchuka and that his expedition crew had already left (with the exception of Ten Sing) out of fear that the Beast will return. Quinn and Pete offer to join him by going on their mini-copter, to which Dr. Rourke agrees, despite showing a little reluctance for their safety. As the crew leaves, they are unaware that they are being watched by unknown creature who resemble the Watchuka, but human-sized.

As Majors and Brock take care of the Calico, Brock reads of a major spike in geothermal energy, which has them both concerned. Suddenly unknown to both men, the Great Watchuka spies on them and attempts to kill them with another avalanche. Luckily, Majors calls on Godzilla, and the monster king arrives just in time to save them by shielding them from the avalanche. Shortly after Godzilla (and the Watchuka) leaves, Majors and Brock notice a cave that was opened up when Godzilla was protecting them. Upon further investigation, Majors and Brock realize that the cave is actually a drain designed similarly to a man-made structure. Both of them also spot a safe, to which upon opening do they both discover that the inside of the mountains are being run by the smaller Watchuka-like creatures.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rourke and the others continue their expedition over more dangerous terrain. Their path however continue to get more and more arduous when they are forced to enter the forbidden territory of the Watchuka after an ice bridge they're cross on their path collapses behind them. During their expedition, Ten Sing is separated from the group after he disappears through the snow beneath, and the rest of the group are forced to navigate through a cave after being buried inside by another avalanche. The group reunites with Ten Sing, but are unable to see his face. Ten Sing navigates the group past the mountains and into a valley, one that has a tropical climate and houses a volcano inside it.

At that moment, Ten Sing reveals himself to be a Watchuka creature in disguise. The creature takes the group hostage and reveals to them that the Watchuka race, known as the "Watchuki" had survived by harnessing fire and water while taking refuge in the valley after being driven out of their homes in the mountains by humanity. The watchuki are also planning on fighting back against humanity by breeding bigger and stronger members of the watchuki race (not unlike the Great Watchuka) to act as their soldiers. Shortly after revealing to the group that not only have they taken Ten Sing hostage, the watchuki freeze Quinn, Pete, and Dr. Rourke in ice as Prisoners. Meanwhile back to Majors and Brock, the men are being chased by watchuki as well. Majors attempts to call for Godzilla, but is frozen in ice before he can send the signal. Finally, Godzooky is frozen too while hiding and protecting Brock, leaving Brock to save everyone instead.

Stealing one of the watchuki's weapons, Brock manages to unfreeze everyone. In doing so however, Brock accidentally unleashes all of the watchuki soldiers as well, who go berserk. The crew and Dr. Rourke try to make their escape, only for them to be confronted by the Great Watchuka itself, who takes Quinn hostage. Luckily, Majors is able to call on Godzilla this time, and Godzilla immediately follows after the signal into the watchuki's valley. Climbing into the valley to save the crew, Godzilla confronts the Great Watchuka, and the two monsters battle, during which their fight accidentally reawakens the volcano, endangering the crew and the watchuki. Finally when the Watchuka attempts to attack Godzilla yet again, Godzilla sidesteps out of the way and the Watchuka falls into a fissure deep underground.

With the Watchuka out of the way, Godzilla and the crew (with Dr. Rourke) all flee from the valley just as its volcano is erupting. To prevent the watchuki from escaping, and the volcano from endangering the crew, Godzilla takes a huge boulder and plugs up the valley's entrance with it, sealing the watchuki inside to burn to their deaths. With the watchuki no more, Godzilla carries the crew and Dr. Rourke back to safety.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 氷点上ゼロの恐怖 Hyōtenjō Zero no Kyōfu[1] Translation of English name


Part 1 of "The Sub-Zero Terror"
Part 2 of "The Sub-Zero Terror"
Part 3 of "The Sub-Zero Terror"


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