"The Seaweed Monster"

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Godzilla Episodes
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"The Seaweed Monster"
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"The Seaweed Monster"
The Seaweed Monster
Series Godzilla
Episode # 5
Air date October 7, 1978

"The Seaweed Monster" is the fifth episode of Godzilla.


Quinn and Brock are scuba diving in the Sargasso Sea to gather plant life for research. Suddenly, while the two of them are gathering some samples, they are both attacked by a giant monster composed entirely of seaweed. The Seaweed Monster, which is continuously getting bigger by the the second from the seaweed it is absorbing into its body, ensnares Quinn, seizing her. Luckily, Quinn is saved by a curious Godzooky, who stumbles upon the attack and distracts the monster long enough for Brock to rescue Quinn and take them both to the surface.

Quinn then informs Majors of the monster's existence, only for Majors to show some skepticism. Shortly after, the Seaweed Monster shows itself and attacks the Calico and Godzooky. Thanks to Pete's intervention, Godzooky manages to call for Godzilla, who arrives on the scene to battle the monster. Godzilla and the Seaweed Monster engage in a battle both above and below the ocean's surface, but ultimately Godzilla manages to frighten the Seaweed Monster away with his laser vision. As Godzilla leaves, Quinn notices that during the Seaweed Monster's attack on the Calico, it left behind a piece of its excess seaweed, and she begins analyzing the sample.

Quinn's research ultimately reveals that the seaweed that composes the monster's body is highly energized and is drawn to other seaweed when in close proximity, thus explaining how the monster got so big. While the Calico Crew goes for lunch, the seaweed sample being growing exponentially until finally it transforms into a smaller but no less dangerous Seaweed Monster. As Pete and Godzooky go to set the timer in Quinn's Lab, the smaller Seaweed Monster attacks Pete and tries to drag him out to sea. Luckily, the Calico Crew hears his call for help and Pete is rescued by Majors, and the Seaweed Monster is shoved back into the sea by Majors and Brock. Shortly after, another smaller Seaweed Monster appears from the hull, the result of Godzooky playing with another small sample of seaweed oblivious to its mutation. Instead of fighting the Calico Crew however, the second Seaweed Monster flees into the sea as well.

Realizing that the Seaweed Monsters from before, as well as other masses of seaweed, are gathering together to create another Giant Seaweed Monster, Majors calls upon Godzilla to try and fend off the Seaweed Monster before it can attack a nearby inhabited island. Godzooky brings the information to Godzilla, and together Godzilla and the Calico Crew head off to intercept the Seaweed Monster's attack. Luckily, Godzilla arrives just in time to stop the now giant Seaweed Monster from attacking some swimmers by the beach. Stopping the Seaweed Monster itself becomes a challenge when the monster's moist body protects it from Godzilla's flames, and its ability to reform and regenerate seaweed allows it to heal any apparent damage.

As Godzilla and the Seaweed Monster battle, Quinn makes a discovery. Upon finding some dried-up, lifeless seaweed on deck, she deduces that a possible weakness to the Seaweed Monster is to beach it and dry it out, making it vulnerable to Godzilla's attacks. With the acquired knowledge, the Calico Crew and Godzooky bring this info to Godzilla again. With the Seaweed Monster wrapped around him, Godzilla drags the monster further inland. Sure enough, Quinn's theory works and the Seaweed Monster quickly begins to dry out from the sun's rays. The Seaweed Monster then tries to escape back into the ocean, but it's too late. With a combination of Godzilla's flames, and the intense heat from the sunlight, the Seaweed Monster burns up into a giant pile of ash, ending the threat.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese シーウィード・モンスター Shīwīdo Monsutā[1] Seaweed Monster


Part 1 of "The Seaweed Monster"
Part 2 of "The Seaweed Monster"
Part 3 of "The Seaweed Monster"


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