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Golden Guardians
The Golden Guardian
Alternate names Golden Demon Guardians[1]
Species Living ancient Indian statues
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla episode 22,
"The Golden Guardians"

The Golden Guardians (魔神・黄金の守護神,   Majin Kogane no Shugoshin, lit. "Golden Demon Guardians") are statue kaiju who appeared in the 1979 Godzilla episode "The Golden Guardians."


The Golden Guardians are ancient golden statues. They are humanoid in form, but with four bulky arms and ancient statue-like faces possessing defined fangs and a pyramid on the top of each of their heads. They also have emerald-colored gemstone eyes and what appear to be silver earrings, a gold necklace apiece, and spikes on either side of their heads.


The exact origin of the Golden Guardians is unknown. However, it is assumed they were built ages ago in India and worshiped as gods in ancient times to keep intruders away.


An archeological expedition in India was attacked by a giant golden animated Oriental statue, an incident which prompted an investigation by the Calico crew. Arriving in the Indian city of Kali-Noor, the crew discovered that several giant golden guardian statues were being animated and controlled by a xenophobic Indian high priest, who was utilizing a mystical object called the Dreamstone. The priest was determined to scare away any outsiders to the sub-continent, whom he believed would covet Kali-Noor's ancient golden treasure.

Godzilla was called upon to battle one of the Golden Guardians, only to be immobilized by mystical beams of energy from the living statue’s eyes, which imprisoned and immobilized the King of the Monsters in an outer shell of gold.

Although the Calico crew managed to shatter the Dreamstone, this did not cause the Golden Guardians to become immobile, but instead resulted in the statues running amok. When the crew realized that the energy beams from the statues' eyes had the exact opposite frequency of Godzilla's ocular laser beams, Brock came up with a plan to project the Calico's communications laser at the monsters, calibrated in this reverse frequency. Godzilla was freed from the gold encasement, and the Monster King then utilized his fiery breath to melt all of the Golden Guardians together into a pool of liquid gold slag.


Light beam

The Golden Guardians have the ability to emit beams of energy, derived from sunlight, equal to Godzilla's laser beams yet using an opposite wavelength.

Gold solidifying beam

The Golden Guardians can also fire energy beams from their eyes that encase their targets in an outer shell of gold.


The Golden Guardians were shown to be extremely vulnerable to fire, being reduced to a pool of solid gold with one stroke of Godzilla's fire breath.



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