Giant Ants

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The Giant Ants appeared in the book Godzilla Invades America.


Created in a research facility in the Nevada Desert close to Las Vegas, the same technology that created the giant arthropods Kamacuras, Kumonga and Sasori was implanted in these ants.


The ants were tactical but ruled by vestigial instincts. Due to their cybernetics, they felt no hunger but their foraging instincts still compelled them to hoard food. This included humans who they captured alive and imprisoned within the research facility that created them. Sleeping, shrunken members of the swarm were scattered outside areas where humans were kept captive, making it impossible for anyone to leave without stepping on an ant and waking the entire group.


Size Manipulation

Size-changing technology in their cybernetics can change between the size of a normal ant to about the size of a 12 foot van. It is implied by conversation with one of the researchers held captive by the ants, Claire Detweiler, that this automatically engages if someone steps on an ant that is in their smaller form.

Hungerless nature

It is stated that their partly mechanical nature makes them unable to feel hunger or need to eat.


Vulnerability to cold

Extreme cold permanently removes their ability to change size, and shrinks them back to the size of a normal ant if they are in a larger form.

Require Sleep

While having no need to eat, they do require sleep. This allowed their human captives to catch them off guard and escape.


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