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S-Class Gorogong.png
Species Volcanic ape-like Titan
Height 32.3 meters[1]
Weight 270 tons[1]
Forms Normal, S-Class
Place(s) of emergence Mount Gorogong, Luana Island
Enemies Story Mode: Pipijuras, Thundatross, Rohanna, Skorak, Rawa, Woolley
First appearance GigaBash
It's Gorogong!!! The stories were true!!!

— Scientist (GigaBash)

Gorogong (ゴロゴン,   Gorogon) is a volcanic, ape-like Titan who sleeps in the volcano of Luana Island in the 2022 video game, GigaBash. First emerging to the modern world in 2020, Gorogong is extremely aggressive monster who guards his prized possession: a Giga Crystal. The only thing to ever quell the fury and rage of Gorogong was the princess Luana, who sacrificed herself so that her people could prosper.


First sighted in 2020, this Titan is the embodiment of primal rage and beastly strength. Thought to be a mere legend, he can rush into and chase down his opponents with surprising speed. Tales of Gorgong were used to scare children into bed, however, he now rampages through the city as a real monster. His rocky skin and shockwave-inducing fist slams have allowed him to avoid defeat or capture.

Hundreds of years ago King Kahu'a led his people to a volcano island fertile with food and wildlife where they would settle, but little did they know, they trespassed onto Gorogong's territory. Gorogong, not pleased with the visitors, unleashed fury upon them, destroying their settlement and their boats. Due to the boats being destroyed, the people had to flea to the forest to hide from him. After hours of running they bumped to a dead end, but before Gorogong could destroy them, it seemed a faint hope flickered in the dark. King Kahu'a's daughter, Princess Luana led Gorogong to the mouth of the volcano, due to her songs being the only thing that could calm Gorogong. She sacrificed her soul so that her people could live in peace.


Gorogong's design was based off of several Ultraman kaiju, multiple for the skin and armor plating of the monster, and Bemular specifically for the face. The developers wanted an intentionally silly-looking monster, similar to that of some of the original Ultraman kaiju.[2]


Gorogong is an ape-like Titan with a short tail who walks bipedally and with a hunched posture. His legs are short relative to the rest of his body. He has gray-blue skin, a rocky spiked carapace on his back, and large fists covered in a rocky, glowing magma-like material. He has white claws on his four fingers and three toes, and his underbelly has a light tan skin. He has glowing, orange horns on each side of his head that curve upwards, and small, pointed ears below them. His face is somewhat human-like, and he has large eyes, a pig-like nose, and a gaping maw. His eyes are yellow with small, black pupils that point outwards, away from each other. His mouth has many jagged, white teeth, with two of them sticking up past his mouth. In Gorogong's S-Class form, he gains more rocky plating and spikes on his body, the cracks between which glow orange, and he has a glowing spot in the middle of his chest. His horns and fists grow larger, and his claws on his hands are longer and sharper. Gorogong's claws on his feet are also longer and sharper, and his spiked carapace is even sharper. Lastly, his two elongated teeth grow thicker and longer.


Gorogong is incredibly aggressive and territorial, attacking anything that wanders into his vicinity. He fights with much fury and rage, punching with his fists with such force that shockwaves are created.

Video games

  • GigaBash (2022) - Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Legend of Luana Island

Gorogong awakens.

On Luana Island, as some scientists and workers excavated and removed a massive Giga Crystal, Gorogong awoke from his dormancy, climbing out from the volcano the excavation was taking place. As people ran in terror, the G.T.D.I. launched several Barrier Generators to create an energy gate halt Gorogong's advance, and deployed multiple tanks and sonic tanks to begin an assault on the monster. Gorogong proceeded to smash the Barrier Generators and tanks, before chasing after a military truck transporting the Giga Crystal. Gorogong eventually made his way to the city of the Kahu'a Republic, were he began to destroy the buildings. Soon, the G.T.D.I. deployed Pipijuras under mind control, and the two Titans began to fight. Eventually, Gorogong managed to punch off the control device from Pipijuras's head, allowing the now freed alien to fly away. As the Giga Crystal was loaded onto a transport helicopter, Gorogong turned his attention back to the crystal and resumed his chase.

Gorogong rises from the sea.

As people began lowering the Giga Crystal down into a container on Palekana Port, Gorogong exploded out of the ocean, enraged. As Gorogong advanced towards the precious energy source, Thundatross was deployed, throwing its sword down onto Gorogong, knocking the monster backwards. Thundatross landed down on the ground in front of Gorogong and engaged him, defending the Giga Crystal. Thundatross recieved severe damage, giving Gorogong the chance to grab the Giga Crystal. As Gorogong danced and raised the crystal in joy, Thundatross got up, rushed forward, and slashed its sword across the Titan's carapace, causing him to drop the Giga Crystal into the water, where it was caught and carried away by a submarine. Gorogong was enraged further by this, and gave chase.

As the submarine's pilots drove closer to Tarabak Island, they talked about swimming Titans. Suddenly, a large object moving very quickly towards them appeared on the radar. On the surface, the calm waters were disturbed by Rawa erupting from the ocean, the submarine crushed between his jaws. Rawa then spots the Giga Crystal, grabbing it in his mouth and swimming back to Tarabak.

As Gorogong marched onwards into the wilds of Tarabak Island, he made his way into Rohanna's territory, prompting the Ancient Monarch to attack him and roar a challenge. As Gorogong and Rohanna are locked in combat, Skorak threw his shell at them both, knocking the two Titans away from each other. Then a three way battle commenced, with Gorogong eventually besting the two native Titans and gaining the following of their respective cult members. Gorogong eventually made his way to the city of Rawa's cultists and Rawa's lair, where a hoard of treasure, including the Giga Crystal, were located. Rawa took a few steps forward before breathing a challenge of Ethereal Flame into the sky. The two engaged in battle, with Gorogong beginning to gain the upper hand against Rawa. The Dragon King, now realizing this, spotted the Giga Crystal, grabbed it in his mouth, and crushed it between his jaws, absorbing the Giga Energy within and transforming into an S-Class Titan. The Titans continued to fight until Gorogong collected enough Giga Energy to transform into an S-Class himself, engaging Rawa one final time. After an intense battle, Gorogong punched Rawa in the chest before grabbing him by the tail, swinging around and throwing him. To finish the fight, Gorogong jumped in the air with a fist raised and landed on Rawa with a massive punch, defeating the Extinction Dragon. Gorogong then picked up the now damaged Giga Crystal and claimed Rawa's lair as his new home.

Project P.P.J.U.R.A.S.

As Gorogong was rampaging across the Kahu'a Republic, Pipijuras was deployed under the control of the G.T.D.I. to combat the emerged threat. Almost instantly, Gorogong attacked, punching off the control device from Pipijuras's head. The now freed extraterrestrial resumed its battle with Gorogong, eventually defeating him and flying away to Nevada.

Woolley's Misadventures

As Woolley and a few Tarabak yeti subspecies clamber onto the shore of Palekana Port, the G.T.D.I. fought to hold Gorogong back from the now-contained Giga Crystal. Unknowingly, Woolley knocked both the container and Giga Crystal held within into the ocean, infuriating Gorogong into a battle. Eventually, Woolley was able to knock Gorogong back near the water, where the ape-like monster turned in time to see the precious Giga Crystal sink beneath the waves. This enrages him further, prompting another round of fighting between the two Titans. Woolley came out on top, sending Gorogong flying away into a building.

The Knight In Lightning Armor

One year after the initial launch of Thundatross, Gorogong attacked Palekana Port in search of the Giga Crystal the G.T.D.I. had taken from Luana Island. Thundatross was deployed to help stop the Titan, halting his advance by rushing forwards slashing its Divine Blade in an arc, with Gorogong blocking the attack using his rocky fists. The mecha and the monster engaged in battle, with Gigaman appearing to help stop Gorogong midway through the fight. Together, Thundatross and Gigaman were able to beat back and defeat Gorogong.


Gorogong slams the ground with his fists.

Physical capabilities

Gorogong has massive fists that are encased in hardened molten rock, which aid in his ability to deliver devastating punches and slams. When he slams his fists into the ground, Gorogong creates shockwaves and his punches can very easily send enemies flying. Gorogong also uses his heavy body to ram into opponents and land on them with force.


Gorogong has shown proficiency in locomotion on both the land and in the water, able to keep up with a moving helicopter while swimming.

Tectonic Tantrum

Gorogong uses his Tectonic Tantrum.

Gorogong's fists begin to glow white-hot and he repeatedly smashes his fists into the ground. This causes explosions to erupt from the floor all around in a close vicinity, pulling enemies towards him at the same time.


After gathering a sufficient amount of Giga Energy, Gorogong achieves peak power to grow to massive proportions, gaining great power and enhanced abilities. Giga Energy is gathered through dealing damage to other Titans or gathering it from the surrounding environment.


Concept art



Gorogong's roars and sound effects (begins at 1:43)


  • Gorogong has a subspecies called "Gorokong", which depicts Gorogong covered in brown fur and chains around his arms, an obvious reference to King Kong.
  • Gorogong was the main Titan in GigaBash's marketing.



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