Spore Mantis

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Spore Mantis
A Spore Mantis in Kong: Skull Island
Alternate names Walking Wood, Giant Stickbug
Phasmid Sylas[1]
Species Giant insect florafauna
Height Up to 50 feet[1]
Length 15 meters[2]
Enemies Jack Chapman, Skullcrawler
First appearance Latest appearance
Kong: Skull Island Godzilla x Kong:
The Hunted
More roars

The Spore Mantis is a giant parasitic insect superspecies that appears in the 2017 Legendary Pictures film Kong: Skull Island.


The Spore Mantis' scientific name, Phasmid Sylas, comes from phasmid, which is an order of insects, and the Latin word sylas, meaning “forest.”


Both the body and limbs of the Spore Mantis resemble fallen trees. In fact, bark is a part of the species' epidermis. Beneath this deceptive layer lies a parasitic slug-like creature.[1]


Spore Mantises are carnivores. They are less aggressive than some of the other predators on Skull Island, with one being repelled by gunfire, withdrawing to avoid a potential fight with a Skullcrawler.



Kong: Skull Island

While attempting to contact the other members of his team, Jack Chapman sat down on a fallen log, which suddenly began to move. Chapman fell off the log, which revealed itself as a Spore Mantis. Chapman scrambled to recover his machine gun and fired it at the creature, damaging its wood-like armor. After calling out several times, the Spore Mantis turned and walked away. Confused, Chapman turned around, only to be confronted by a Skullcrawler, which promptly killed and ate him.



With its tree-like body, the Spore Mantis can blend in with surrounding forests.

Physical abilities

Spore Mantises possess "bone-crushing" jaws.[1]


Spore Mantises digest and envelop their prey with a "protein-rich sap." As a result, their victims can easily be identified in their "crystalline amber" feces.[1]


Kong and Me

A Spore Mantis walked behind Jia as she played hide-and-seek with Kong. She described them as "logs with legs."



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Spore Mantis roars (begins at 8:20)

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese スポア・マンティス Supoa Mantisu Transliteration of English name


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