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S-Class Woolley.png
Species Yeti Titan
Height 31.1 meters[1]
Weight 120 tons[1]
Forms Normal, S-Class
Place(s) of emergence Siberia, Russia
Relations His Family
Allies Other yeti
Enemies Story Mode: Pipijuras, Skorak, Gorogong, MechaJURAS, Rohanna, Zyva
First appearance GigaBash
Insipired by his courage, his family decides to join his fight!

— Narrator (GigaBash)

Woolley (ウーリー,   Ūrī) is a Yeti Titan who appeared in the 2022 video game, GigaBash. First sighted in 2018, Woolley is part of a herd of Yetis situated in an undisclosed location in Siberia. The Yetis are incredibly playful, and are studied by researchers gathering information on the species.


First discovered by the modern world in 2018, Woolley is a particular specimen of the Yeti herd that is observed for study by a team of researchers in Siberia. The Yetis are social animals with thick coats of fur and prefer colder climates, and do not hunt for food despite having claws. They are very playful, and do not possess any known offensive capabilities. They utilize their hyper-elastic bellies to defend against attack from other Titans, causing the opponents to bounce off of them. The Yetis are so docile, however, that they percieve most threats' attempts at attack as a form of play.

Several years ago, a man named Austin Lorenz first discovered and documented Yetis on mountain tops. A research team led by his grandson looked to rediscover the giant hairy creatures many years later, after the initial report was not believed. Five years later, however, as the research team came closer to finding a live specimen, a noticed came in that the expidition was being canceled. As the team began to pack up, J. Lorenz, Austin's grandson, continued on the trail they had been following, theorizing that the Yetis had evaded observation due to them migrating to find Giga Energy to feed on.


When the team designed Woolley, they wanted to evoke the feelings of cute and lovable. Along with this, the designers wanted to create a simple and recognizable silhouette.[2]


Woolley has a very round body, is covered in thick white fur, and lacks a defined neck. He has relatively long arms compared to the rest of his body that end in large paws with pink pads and four black, dull claws. He has two stubby legs with pink pads on his feet and three small, black dull claws. His tail is moderately long and especially poofy with fur. He has a large mouth with rounded teeth, two of which on the bottom stick up past the upper lip. On the ends of his mouth he has black dots that resembles eyes, although his real eyes are positioned above his mouth and appear as black ovals. He has pink coloring on his cheeks and a large patch of blue fur on top of his head. This patch of fur surrounds a black, dull horn on top of his head and the fur covers his eyes most of the time. In his S-Class form, Woolley's patch of blue fur shortens, making his eyes visable for the majority of the time. He gets two more, slightly curved horns on his head that stick upwards and glow. His tail lengthens and the fur there turns blue. His paw fur also turns blue, and he has a blue stripe on each wrist and three blue stripes on his body.


Woolley is a friendly and curious creature, although his curiosity and clumsiness can lead him to provoke other Titans into battle. Like other Yetis, he is social and prefers to spend time with others playing and relaxing.

Video Games

  • GigaBash (2022) - Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Woolley's Misadventures

Woolley travels onward.

In Siberia, Woolley was wandering and relaxing with his herd when he noticed two fighter jets flying over head. Now curious, Woolley followed them to a nearby city, crushing several buildings as he entered the area. As he continued to follow the aircraft, Pipijuras fired a shot of Giga Energy into a building right next to the Yeti. Pipijuras brandished his Quad-Claws and attacked Woolley, with the furry beast eventually sending Pipijuras flying into a building. Now that Woolley was done, he whistled for his family to come get him and bring him home. However, when no Yetis arrived, he simply decided to wander further.

After travelling through a city, an ocean, and another city where Rawa and Gigaman fought one another, Woolley eventually arrived at Tarabak Island. He discovered Skorak, who was lying in wait, and reached out to touch the four-eyed deity. Suddenly, Skorak whipped around with his Skull Shell on his head and roared at Woolley, deciding him as his next meal. Woolley held his own until he knocked the mollusk to the ground, with Skorak regaining his footing and launching his shell at Woolley, knocking him over, immediately after. The two battled yet again, with Woolley coming out on top and attracting the attention of local jungle Yeti subspecies, who celebrated his victory and traveled along with him as he wandered further.

In Palekana Port, as the G.T.D.I. fought to hold back Gorogong from obtaining the Giga Crystal they had excavated from his volcano, the Yetis emerged from the ocean and lumbered onto shore, with Woolley uknowingly knocking the Giga Crystal in its container into the water. Seeing this, Gorogong became furious and engaged Woolley in battle. After some time, Woolley knocked the volcanic Titan near the port's edge, where Gorogong turned just in time to see the Giga Crystal sinking further beneath the waves. Now extremely enraged, Gorogong attacked Woolley yet again, only to be defeated and sent flying. The G.T.D.I., now having noticed the Yeti, deployed fighter jets and MechaJURAS to bring down Woolley. The Titan eventually won, gaining the attention of the local Yeti subspecies population and having them celebrate the newfound peace without the military. However, a large plane flew over head, dropping a massive cage that captured Woolley and used a purple gas to knock him out.

Woolley later awoke at a strange power station near Death Canyon, chained up to an electrical device along with several Piki the Pears, which all connected to a massive power generator. In a control room, a human reached towards a power switch, about to activate the electrical devices. This move was foiled when red warning lights flashed and massive roots grew through the control panel, quickly destroying the entire room. More roots grew through the power station as Rohanna rose from the ground. The electrical chains and capture devices malfunctioned, letting loose Woolley and the Pikis. Unfortunately, Woolley tripped over one of the plant creatures, falling on top of and killing it. This enraged Rohanna, who proceded to attack Woolley. As they continued to fight, Rohanna noticed a generator, which she quickly traveled to and destroyed, absorbing the Giga Energy within and transforming into an S-Class Titan. Three desert Yeti subspecies arrived and attempted to defend Woolley by leaping at Rohanna, but she simply swatted them away. As Rohanna continued to attack the Yetis, Woolley led the desert subspecies to a nearby canyon, allowing them all to escape. After sitting with the desert Yeti heard, Woolley realized it was time to return home, and he began the long journey back.

The Yeti herds join together.

Finally, Woolley arrived back at his home and herd, where a chasam in the Earth opened out of nowhere, unleashing the Giga Crystal gaurdian Zyva. Woolley's herd fleed from the new threat, but Woolley stayed to defend his home. Eventually, Zyva was cast down by the Woolley from where it came, and The Yeti's herd came out celebrate his victory. However, Zyva re-emerged as an S-Class, challenging Woolley to another fight. As Woolley began to tire from fighting alone, all of his own herd and the subspecies' herds came and helped him in the battle, allowing Woolley to perform several Avalanches against Zyva as he fought it. With this combined might, the Yetis were able to finally defeat Zyva, sending the unit hurtling down into the abyss. The Yeti subspecies decided that the fluffy snow of Siberia was the environment they preferred, settling in with Woolley's herd. As the Yetis played and relaxed, Woolley spotted a helicopter flying above.

Project P.P.J.U.R.A.S

As Pipijuras arrived at the hole leading to the Hollow Earth in the Yeti herd's territory, it engaged in battle against the herd and the Alpha yeti. After Pipijuras eventually defeated both the herd and the Alpha, the alien decended down to the Giga Core.


Physical capabilities

Woolley uses his large paws and elastic-belly to his advantage. He hits and grabs opponents with his large paws, but does not use his short claws. He uses his elastic-belly to charge forward and send enemies flying.

Woolley inhales.


Woolley is able to inhale using his massive mouth, sucking in other Titans or projectiles before spitting them out, causing them to smash against objects.

Ice Generation

Woolley can generate ice and snow from his body, being able to form a large snowball around himself which can be used to gather enemies and roll them up or when he spits them out.

The avalanche of Yetis in action.

S-Class form

After gathering a sufficient amount of Giga Energy, Woolley achieves peak power to grow to massive proportions, gaining great power and enhanced abilities. Giga Energy is gathered through dealing damage to other Titans, or gathering it from the surrounding environment.


After enough Giga Energy is gathered, Woolley can whistle for his herd of Yetis to roll up and run into or squash Titans who get in the way.


Concept Art




Woolley's roars and sound effects (begins at 17:45)


  • A plush of Woolley's S-Class form was created as part of the merchandising for the game.


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