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The God-demon in Godzilla in Hell #5
Alternate names Hell Gate Guardian
Species Demon
Allies Hellbats
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla in Hell #5

The God-demon[1] is a demonic kaiju that appears in issue #5 of the IDW Publishing comic book miniseries Godzilla in Hell.


The creature has no name provided in its sole comic appearance, however writer Dave Wachter referred to it as the "God-demon" in his script for the issue.[1]


The God-demon is a massive creature that is mostly surrounded by clouds, leaving very little of its body visible. The demon has a large rounded head with multiple eyes, tentacles surrounding its mouth, and sharp fangs. Its skin is a grayish color and has a decayed, uneven texture with spikes sprouting from it. The demon has several long tentacles that extend down from its perch on the mountain.


Godzilla in Hell

After traversing through a blizzard, a blood waterfall, and a field of stalagmites, Godzilla came upon a huge mountain, where the God-demon guarded the gate against Hell back to the living world. Godzilla blasted the demon with his atomic breath but to no effect. Godzilla then attempted to climb the mountain, but the God-demon caused a landslide and knocked Godzilla back down to the foot of the mountain. Emerging from the rubble, Godzilla seemed to give up and allowed himself to be devoured by the Hellbats that had been following him. After eating Godzilla down to the bone, the Hellbats suddenly grew eyes and began to screech Godzilla's roar, then reformed Godzilla's body around his skeleton. The Hellbat-Godzilla roared at the God-demon, drawing its attention. Every single Hellbat making up Godzilla's body then fired their atomic breath at once, producing a huge Godzilla-sized blast of atomic breath that destroyed the God-demon, allowing Godzilla to scale the mountain and return to the living world, where he was then reborn.




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