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An SMG-IInd render from Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact
Alternate names Super Mechagodzilla the Second
Species Robot
Height 120 meters
Length 200 meters
Weight 150,000 metric tons
Controlled by G-Force
Relations G-Force (Creators)
Enemies Godzilla
First appearance Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact

SMG-IInd is a G-Force mecha created by Toho that appeared in the 1999 video game, Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact.


SMG-IInd's name is derived from Super Mechagodzilla. The "IInd" part of its name most likely means "second," making its full name "Super Mechagodzilla The Second".


SMG-IInd looks like a very thin Super Mechagodzilla. Its head and neck strongly resemble Mecha-King Ghidorah's mechanical head, and the Garuda II is built into SMG-IInd's spherical shoulders. Its arms have built-in miniguns which fire rapidly, and its chest and torso are much smaller than any Mechagodzilla's. SMG-IInd's legs are very bulky, and its feet have four toes. Its tail resembles that of the Showa Mechagodzilla's.


SMG-IInd is powered by a laser nuclear fusion reactor, and is protected by the Heat-resistant Alloy NT-I coated with artificial diamond. It is equipped with a laser cutter, double maser cannons, plasma shell, plasma cannon and wire claw attack. SMG-IInd is also equipped with an anti-beam force field. It travels at 330 kilometers per hour. It's automatic control, so it doesn't have a crew inside of it.

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one month ago
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I don't know if anybody's ever wondered this, but what exactly is SMG-IInd's relation to SMG? Is he another form of SMG or just another MG incarnation?
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