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Gyottos in Rampage Godzilla
Alternate names Gyottosu
Species Giant Monster
Allies Sugon, Zottos, Osoros, Anguirus
Enemies None
First appearance Rampage Godzilla

Gyottos (ギョットス,   Gyottosu) is a strange kaiju who first appeared in the 1955 Godzilla manga, Rampage Godzilla.


Gyottos is a bizarre creature that appears to only share common characteristics with his friends. He is a quadrupedal, turtle-like creature with a 'mane' of frills around his neck, and his forehead is covered in spots. He has dark, beady eyes, and three nostrils.


Rampage Godzilla

Godzilla wanted to become stronger, so he sought out the help of a group of monsters, Gyottos being among them. All of them fight, and Gyottos is defeated after Godzilla bashes him on the head, leaving him dazed.



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