"The Golden Guardians"

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Godzilla Episodes
"The Golden Guardians"
"The Macro-Beasts"
"The Golden Guardians"
The Golden Guardians
Series Godzilla
Episode # 22
Air date November 10, 1979

"The Golden Guardians" is the 22nd episode of Godzilla and the ninth episode of Season 2.


One night in a region that resembles Thailand, an old priest named Bhatlam is seen scolding two archeologists for supposedly looking for his famed "Golden Treasure of Kayetnore." Despite the archeologists' protests and denial of such activities, Bhatlam warns them that if they don't leave, their guardians will drive them out by force. Sure enough, shortly after Bhatlam leaves them, the guardian, a 4-armed giant made of gold appears and proceeds to destroy the archeologists' campsite, forcing them to flee their expedition for their lives.

The next morning, the Calico crew arrives at the same site in which the archeologists were when they were attacked (in order to rendezvous) only to find nothing, and their destroyed campsite. Worried for their safety, The crew investigates Kayetnore further inland, unaware that they are being watched by Bhatlam, who prepares to summon the guardians, revealing that he was behind the attack last night. As the crew investigates both the ruins of Kayetnore, and the archeologists' campsite, they are ambushed by one of the guardians, who attempts to trap them by attacking the Calico. Fortunately, Majors manages to call upon Godzilla, who arrives just in time. Godzilla and the guardian battle, but their fight abruptly ends after Godzilla is forced to save Godzooky from some falling ruins, during which the Guardian mysteriously disappears.

As Majors and Brock are left to deal with the Calico's damage, Quinn, Pete, and Godzooky go to explore the ruins of Kayetnore. While doing so, they stumble across an entire field filled with the heads of the guardians (unknown to them that they're buried underground.) Also in the vicinity is a giant, glowing diamond known as the "Dreamstone". Pete suddenly becomes drawn in by the Dreamstone and falls into a trance, placing him under the Dreamstone's influence and thus releasing a guardian by accident. The guardian attacks Quinn and Godzooky, who calls upon Godzilla to save them. Majors and Brock notice Godzilla's appearance and fearing that Quinn and Pete are in trouble, they try to follow after him. Suddenly, they are both stopped by Bhatlam and several other natives of Kayetnore, who take them captive, still believing that they have all come to steal their treasure.

Godzilla and the guardian battle once again while Quinn and Godzooky attempt to snap Pete out of his trance. Suddenly during Godzilla's fight, the guardian strikes him with a laser it fires from its eyes, which coats Godzilla in solid gold, completely immobilizing the monster king. Then just as Quinn and Godzooky are about to be attacked by the guardian, Pete snaps out of his trance, and the guardian returns to its original spot underground. Realizing what the power source to the guardians is, Quinn, Pete, and Godzooky leave to warn Majors and Brock, only to discover that they are gone. Following a nearby trail, they find the natives' village, as well as Majors and Brock, held captive in a cage surrounded by tigers. Luckily, Godzooky easily rescues Majors and Brock from their imprisonment, and Quinn and Pete inform them of Godzilla being trapped in gold.

Learning that the guardian's gold-coating ray works on the opposite frequency of Godzilla's own lasers, Majors figures that one possible way to save Godzilla is by creating their own laser as well. The crew quickly begins re-rigging their communications radar into their own laser, but they are soon spotted by another guardian (sent by Bhatlam to kill them). Luckily, the crew manages to finish their laser and fires it at Godzilla just as the guardian closes in on them. Godzilla is freed and he engages the guardian in battle yet again. As the monsters battle it out, the crew head off to stop Bhatlam from releasing anymore guardians.

However, they find out that they are too late to stop him as Bhatlam has unleashed all of the guardians in Kayetnore to attack Godzilla. During which, one of them attempts to kill the crew by hurling a boulder at them, but it misses and destroys the Dreamstone by mistake. To Bhatlam's horror, without the Dreamstone, the guardians are now running amok throughout Kayetnore without any control whatsoever. As the guardians target Godzilla however, the monster king manages to lure them all into a nearby marsh, trapping them all in the lagoon with their massive weight. With all the guardians trapped, Godzilla destroys them with his flames, melting them down into golden liquid slag.

With the guardians no more, rather than show hostility, the natives of Bhatlam's tribe show gratitude towards the Calico crew for freeing them of their control, implying that Bhatlam's megalomaniac ways were possible due to the Dreamstone's influence.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 黄金の守護者 Kogane no Shugosha[1] Golden Guardians


Part 1 of "The Golden Guardians"
Part 2 of "The Golden Guardians"
Part 3 of "The Golden Guardians"


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