"The Horror of Forgotten Island"

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Godzilla Episodes
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"The Horror of Forgotten Island"
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"The Horror of Forgotten Island"
The Horror of Forgotten Island
Series Godzilla
Episode # 8
Air date October 28, 1978

"The Horror of Forgotten Island" is the eighth episode of Godzilla.


The Calico crew are caught in a nasty storm that has being caused by a magnetic disturbance from "Taylor's Comet." While trying to brave through the storm, the crew notices that they are about to collide with another ship that looks identical to theirs. Once Brock manages to stop the ship just in time, the crew realizes that the other ship is actual a mirror reflection of their own, being caused by a giant force field. The reflection does not last for long however as a bolt of lightning causes it to disappear. At that moment, an island appears in its place. The crew is thus forced to make an emergency stop on the island when Godzooky alerts them that the Calico's hull has been damaged and is taking on a lot of water. Unable to contact Godzilla due to the storm's magnetic properties jamming the Godzilla Signal, Godzooky makes the call instead. Godzilla arrives just in time and places the damaged Calico on the island's beach. Once Godzilla leaves, Majors suggests they wait until the storm passes for them to repair the Calico. Unaware to the crew however, they are being watched by a mysterious giant figure.

The next day, Majors and Brock are left to repair the Calico's damage while Quinn, Pete and Godzooky are left to explore the island to find a way off of it (after Quinn notices that the force field from last night has become operational again, trapping them). Shortly after leaving, Quinn and Pete stumble across two things. One is an ancient alien-like computer and other being giant footprints in the sand. Suddenly while observing the latter, the giant figure from last night appears before them: a giant Cyclops Creature. The Cyclops corners Quinn, Pete and Godzooky and attempts to kill them, but Majors hears the commotion and calls Godzilla. Godzilla arrives and tries to save the crew, but the force field is too strong for the Monster King to break through. During the commotion, the Cyclops captures Godzooky and takes the tiny monster hostage. The crew follows after to save Godzooky when they discover another ability of the Cyclops: It can turn invisible.

During the fray, Godzooky manages to free itself from the creature, and the crew take refuge inside of a cave while the Cyclops attempts to block their path. While in the cave, Quinn notices some hieroglyphics on the walls and translates them to discover the origins of the island and the Cyclops. Long ago, a spacecraft from another galaxy came to Earth and landed on the island, where it was attacked by the same Cyclops. Unable to defeat the creature, the crew of the spacecraft created the computer (the same one that Pete and Quinn stumbled across earlier) to trap the Cyclops by creating the force field that's surrounding the island, preventing it from escaping. As Quinn reads the hieroglyphics, the crew is attacked yet again by the Cyclops, but are luckily saved by Godzooky, who manages to find another way out. While sneaking away, the crew stumble across the computer again and Quinn attempts to use it herself.

Just as the creature notices them and attacks yet again, Quinn manages to disable the force field just in time, allowing Godzilla to enter the island and save them. As Godzilla and the Cyclops face off, the crew are left to find a way on how to escape the island without letting the Cyclops get out. Majors and Brock resume repairing the Calico's hull while Quinn and Pete build a timer that will keep the force field open long enough for the crew and Godzilla to escape. During the fight, the Cyclops turns invisible and retreats from his fight with Godzilla, while Quinn sets up the timer onto the computer, setting the force field to reactivate in five minutes. With the Calico repaired, and time running out, the crew and Godzilla quickly flee the island as fast as they can.

Suddenly just as Godzilla is about to pass, he starts struggling to move. The Cyclops, still invisible, is holding Godzilla off so that the timer can run out to trap them both on the island. Working together, Pete and Brock help Godzilla by pouring red paint all over the creature from the Mini-Copter, rendering its invisibility useless. Now able to see it again, Godzilla battles with the Cyclops and hurls it off to the side, delaying it long enough for him and the crew to escape as the force field is reactivated, trapping the Cyclops back on the island, without any escape.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 忘れ去られた島の恐怖 Wasuresarareta Shima no Kyōfu[1] Translation of English name


Part 1 of "The Horror of Forgotten Island"
Part 2 of "The Horror of Forgotten Island"
Part 3 of "The Horror of Forgotten Island"


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