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Godzilla Episodes
"Calico Clones"
"Ghost Ship"
Series Godzilla
Episode # 15
Written by David Wise
Air date September 22, 1979

"Microgodzilla" is the 15th episode of Godzilla and the second episode of Season 2.


The Calico Crew are out at sea, and Quinn is planning to test out her new Heat-Sensitive Microscope on some samples in the Coral Reef. As a test run, she uses the Microscope on a Fly that enters the room. The Fly then makes its way to the Kitchen, where it becomes a nuisance to Brock and Godzooky.

Suddenly the Calico is hit by a Typhoon, despite it not being the season for them. Fearing that the Calico could be ripped in half by the Reef, Majors calls on Godzilla to save them while the rest of the crew takes refuge in the lower parts of the Calico. Godzilla quickly arrives and carries the Calico through the Typhoon with ease. During which, an unusual Pink Fog suddenly appears all around Godzilla. Godzilla however appears to be unaffected by the phenomena, save for some curious growling. During the phenomena, the fly that was bothering Brock and Godzooky is shooed out of the ship and into the Fog as well, but unlike Godzilla, the insect immediately doubles in size once it is exposed. Also unknown to the Calico Crew, as Godzilla departs, the Monster King begins to shrink in size.

Later on while cleaning up the Calico, Brock and Pete are attacked by the fly, which has now become a foot long in length. With the helpful intervention from Godzooky, it is trapped inside of a chest long enough for Brock to quickly warn Majors and Quinn. As the crew arrives to deal with the insect, the fly grows even bigger than before, dwarfing the chest it was locked in. Seeing Godzilla as the only option in disposing of the big pest, Majors call upon the Monster King, only for him, Quinn, and Pete to discover that Godzilla has shrunken down to half of his original size. Relying on Pete's wit, Godzooky manages to lure the fly out of the Calico and towards Godzilla, who take the Fly and hurls it far away.

With the fly gone, the Calico is left to deal with Godzilla's shrinking problem. Quickly deducing that both Godzilla and the Fly's change in state was due to the pink fog from before. To further her research, Quinn takes some blood samples from Godzilla in order to find a cure to reverse his problem. Time passes and Godzilla continues to shrink, ultimately being forced to stay on the Calico's deck after shrinking down to the same size as Godzooky. Quinn then makes a startling announcement: At the rate in which Godzilla is shrinking (40% of his actual height every hour) Godzilla could become so small he'll become subatomic (the size of a molecule) in just a few hours. Additionally with Godzilla getting smaller, Majors fears that the Fly from before will grow to be gigantic.

More time passes and Pete discovers Godzilla, having shrunk so much that he is now the size of a small cat. Additionally, Godzilla becomes dehydrated from being away from the Ocean for too long. Majors and Pete leave Godzilla in a goldfish bowl to keep him hydrated, but as they leave to join Quinn, Godzilla is confronted by a Rat. After escaping from his bowl, Godzilla and the Rat engage in a fierce battle, with Godzilla managing to scare off the rodent after firing on it with his lasers, and from toppling over some cans nearby. While trying to get back into his bowl, Godzilla (now having shrunk down to the size of a spider) becomes trapped in a spider's web, with its spider preparing to eat him. Once again, Godzilla manages to keep the spider at bay using his flames just long enough for Pete to return and save him. With only an hour left until Godzilla becomes subatomic, Godzilla (who has now become the size of bacteria) is placed into a cylinder-shaped glass bowl of water, where it battles against some other bacteria in the water.

During Godzilla's fight with the Rat, Majors notices that the Fly from before has now grown to be as big as Godzilla was and is stalking them, eerily waiting to exact its revenge. While Godzilla fights the bacteria, Quinn finally discovers the cure to reverse Godzilla's shrinking: Electricity. When Godzilla and the Fly were exposed to the pink fog, it changed their polarities electrically, causing them to switch sizes. At the same time, while Brock and Quinn are left to return Godzilla back to his normal size, the now-giant fly takes the offense and attacks Majors inside the mini-copter. This time thanks to how big the fly has gotten, Godzooky cannot fend off the insect.

With the effects of the fog now changed back to normal, Godzilla quickly returns to his original size in just a few seconds and he battles against the fly. As Godzilla and the fly battle, Quinn also prepares to have the insect shrunk down to its original size. Using some flare guns loaded with the cure that turned Godzilla back to normal, Brock and Godzooky provoke the fly to attack them from the grudge it built up against them. As the fly takes the bait, Majors and Quinn fire at it, quickly reducing it back down to its original, harmless size, returning everyone back to normal.

Later that day when the Calico Crew are headed off to gather some supplies, a loud buzzing is heard, scaring Brock, Pete, and Godzooky into believe that another Giant Fly has appeared, only to be relieved that it's just Majors, giving himself a shave with an electric razor.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese マイクロゴジラ Maikurogojira[1] Transcription of English name


Part 1 of "Microgodzilla"
Part 2 of "Microgodzilla"
Part 3 of "Microgodzilla"


  • This episode marks one of the few times in the series in which the Calico Crew defeated a monster on their own.
  • This is the only episode in the series that does not end on Godzooky pulling one of his silly antics.
  • Captain Majors appears without his orange jacket for the first time in the series.


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