"The Breeder Beast"

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Godzilla Episodes
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"The Breeder Beast"
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"The Breeder Beast"
The Breeder Beast
Series Godzilla
Episode # 11
Air date November 18, 1978

"The Breeder Beast" is the eleventh episode of Godzilla.


The Calico Crew are out at sea when they come across a thick cloud of pollution. The ocean beneath this cloud is boiling, prompting Quinn to conduct some tests. Majors hits a rough patch of water, sending her overboard. Luckily, Godzooky manages to scoops her out of the bubbling water, which she is surprised to find is freezing cold. As Majors manages to sail everyone back into calmer waters, the Calico is attacked by an amoeba-like creature that tries to board the ship. Godzooky tries to push it back into the ocean, but its gelatinous body allows the life-form to try and absorb Godzooky. Majors calls upon Godzilla, who arrives to save him and wrestles with the amoeba. Despite the creature's gelatinous body structure, Godzilla successfully fends off the lifeform with his flames, causing it to explode and sink back into the water.

Later on, Quinn analyzes some remnants of the creature and discovers that its body is highly combustible. Quinn and Brock head off to Washington, D.C. in the Mini-Copter to do more research on the creature, only to find the creature feeding on a natural gas plant, getting bigger by the minute. Quinn and Brock get trapped in its body, but are saved by Godzooky after Quinn sends a distress signal. Majors and Pete dub the creature "the Breeder Beast". With the Beast now a living reactor, the crew are forced to notify the authorities instead of calling on Godzilla, as his flames or any other sudden impact to the Breeder Beast's body could ignite it and destroy half of the coastline from the gas its absorbed.

The military attacks the Beast anyway with two missiles, learning of the danger too late to stop the launch. Majors calls upon Godzilla to intercept them, but the Breeder Beast simply absorbs them into its body and begins to march towards Washington DC, with Godzilla in pursuit. The crew meet up with a team of men in bulldozers, who plan to push the Breeder Beast back into the ocean. However, the Breeder Beast simply consumes the bulldozers while the men scramble for safety. Godzilla engages the Breeder Beast as it attacks the United States Capitol, but without the use of his lasers or flames, the task proves daunting. The crew instead tries to have the Breeder Beast restrained by a giant steel net being held by Godzilla. Again, its body allows it to eat through the net and it escapes.

The Breeder Beast then attacks the United States Mint. Its coloration changes from brown to yellow after absorbing the gold and silver from the U.S. Mint, and it sprouts pseudopod-like tentacles as well. The crew tries to escape, but are caught by the beast's tentacles. Godzilla manages to save them from, only for Godzooky to stumble into the same danger. Godzilla fires his lasers at the tentacles while saving him; surprisingly, they fail to cause an explosion. Quinn theorizes that the Beast is now learning to control its stability after absorbing so much metal, and Brock suggests that Godzilla instead destroy the breeder beast's one weak spot: its nucleus. After Godzooky rallies the information to Godzilla, he continues to wrestle with the Beast as it grows big enough to absorb him completely. Before his head can be absorbed, Godzilla fires his lasers at the nucleus, causing the Beast to instantaneously crystallize.

Later, Brock chisels the Breeder Beast into a big rock, while Quinn shows Pete what the Beast originally was before it mutated into a monster: a small amoeba in a glass of water.



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese ブリーダー・ビースト Burīdā Bīsuto[1] Breeder Beast


Part 1 of "The Breeder Beast"
Part 2 of "The Breeder Beast"
Part 3 of "The Breeder Beast"


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