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Cyber-Link Mutants
Two-Legged Lizard, a Cyber-Link Mutant, in Kong: The Animated Series
Homeworld Earth
Forms Human, Animal, Hybrid
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series
Episode 1: The Return: Part 1

The Cyber-Link Mutants are genetically merged kaiju that first appeared in episode 1 of the 2000 animated kaiju series, Kong: The Animated Series titled The Return: Part 1.


The Cyber-Link Mutants are never referred to as a whole with any specific name, and those that do appear are seldom named. Their name comes from the Cyber-Link Computer, and the fact that they are Monsters created by the merging process, that are referred to as Mutants by Eric Tannenbaum IV in The Hidden Fears.


Cyber-Link Monsters do not share a uniform appearance, save for the fact that they will always be some form of anthropomorphic animal with qualities of the human with whom it merged. While it does not occur on every occasion, Sometimes facial hair will transfer from the human to the Mutant.


The Cyber-Link Mutants are created when a human and any form of animal are fused together by the DNA Merger Sequence of a Cyber-Link Wearable Computer, an ear-mounted device invented by Dr. Lorna Jenkins. She has stated that they were only intended for use with other primates, which may point to Kong's not receiving any of Jason Jenkins' traits while merged.


Kong: The Animated Series

Cyber-Link Mutants began appearing in unsolvable crimes after Ramone De La Porta stole a Cyber-Link from Dr. Jenkins. The Cyber-Link was only intended for Homonid fusions, as it would not alter the body of the animal whose consciousness it was sharing with a human, which is why Kong is not altered when he fuses with Jason Jenkins. However, it does not alter the effectiveness of the fusion, and the Cyber-Link is even capable of merging three parties to create new types of animals. Cyber-Link Mutants were mainly formed by De La Porta and his associates to commit crimes, or to fend off Kong when he threatened their operations. On rare occasions, Jason Jenkins would merge with Kong to help him fight an enemy that was too great for his strength alone, and when Kong was unavailable he was known to make use of other available animals.


Parasitic Adaptation

Cyber-Link Mutants will inherit the abilities of whatever animal and human are fused.

Mega Form

In the case of Kong and Jason Jenkins, the combined rage in the hearts of both entities in the merger sequence can cause the Cyber-Link Monster to grow immensely and to undergo a massive power increase.



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