Mistress of the Game

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Dragon Fire
Mistress of the Game
Mistress of the Game
Mistress of the Game
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 7
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Sean Catherine Derek,
Jean-Christophe Derrein
Air date Unknown

Mistress of the Game is the seventh episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


After a poacher takes a silverback gorilla in Africa, Jason Jenkins, Lua, and Eric Tannenbaum IV land there while Tann repairs his plane. In a village, Lua was approached by a poacher named Rakhir, who had caught the gorilla earlier. He offered her a necklace of teeth from a lion he had killed, but Lua was disgusted by the gift, and harshly refused. Rakhir then tried to whip her as payback, but Lua was able to use the weapon against him to leave him hanging by his ankles from a tree. She then went to Jason, who had un-Merged with Kong, and asked to be taken home. The plane was not due to be repaired until the next day, so she voiced her laments to the ape while being watched by Rakhir, who, after Kong wandered into the jungle, shot Lua with a sedative dart. While in the jungle, Kong helped and befriended the remains of the missing silverback's troop, while Lua awoke with her hands and feet bound in the back of Rakhir's hunting jeep, with the silverback that he intended to hunt in a cage in the back. They arrived at a lodge where Rakhir's clients were waiting, and he demanded higher pay because their prey was to be a giant gorilla instead of the silverback in the jeep. Meanwhile, Jason and Tan went looking for Lua and Kong, and found the sedative dart used on Lua on the ground where she threw it after ripping it out of her arm. Rakhir tied Lua between two trees and waited for Kong to come for her, which he soon did, and was powerless against the barrage of tranquilizers fired at him from all sides. A young gorilla who had followed Kong to Lua, escaped and was found by Tann and Jason who recognized it as a gorilla he had seen Kong with earlier. They allowed it to lead them, and found Kong tied in a clearing. While Tan returned to their raft for a megaphone, the young gorilla freed Lua. Tann then created a distraction while Jason ran into the clearing and Cyber-Link Merged with Kong, whose rage quickly transformed him to Mega Kong. He ran the poachers off, and freed the silverback from the abandoned jeep. They then gave Rakhir and the poachers to the authorities and began to fly home, much to the young gorilla's dismay.




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