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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Welcome to Ramone's
DNA Land
Curse of the Dragon
DNA Land
DNA Land
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 20
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Jean-Christophe Derrien

DNA Land is the twentieth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


While staging a trade for a Primal Stone, Tan is discovered by Ramone De La Porta who flees the scene, leaving Giggles to merge with a hawk to battle Kong. Jason Jenkins, Lua, and Tan then give chase to De La Porta in Tan's retrofitted Dragster, and eventually caused both cars to crash while Jack Crockett filmed the fight between Kong and the Cyber-Hawk before Kong was victorious and Crockett incapacitated them both with a projectile. With De La Porta's help, Tan tracks Giggles' Cyber-Link and they discover that he had been taken to Death Valley. Kong awakens to find himself trapped inside an electric barrier. Crockett celebrates his capture of Kong, and calls the media, to whom he wishes to prove that he was not crazy and that Kong does exist before opening a theme park called Kong World and charging to see him and paying off his debts with the revenue Kong produced. On learning of this, Jason merges with a fennic fox, and he and Lua are able to enter Kong World under the pretenses of wanting to sell Crockett the giant beast. Inside the park, Giggles comes de-merged, and runs into the jungle while Kong becomes enraged and influences the animals inside the force-field to destroy the cameras inside. In the car, where Tan waits with De La Porta, while watching Jason's progress remotely, De La Porta escapes his handcuffs by popping off his artificial hand and slipping out. He then merges with a hawk to enter the park, and enters a fight with Jenkins before being forced to flee. Jason then merges with the Hawk and airlifts Kong out of the park as reporters swarm the administrative building. Crockett later appears on TV to explain why his park did not open before being taken away by security for his mad raving about Kong and the whole "mess of other giant critters" in the world.





  • When faced with the electric fence, Kong is able to touch the barrier with his finger and watch the blue electricity be conducted across his skin, in what is likely a reference to Kong's electric powers seen in King Kong vs. Godzilla.


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