Tiger Lucy

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Tiger Lucy
Tiger Lucy in The Giant Claw Robberies
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Cat Burglar
Company Head
Art Appraiser
Related to Eric Tannenbaum IV (love interest)
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series episode 4: The Giant Claw Robberies
Played by Nicole Oliver

Tiger Lucy is an antagonist in the 2000 animated television series Kong: The Animated Series.


Kong: The Animated Series

The Giant Claw Robberies

Tiger Lucy was given a Cyberlink wearable computer stocked with cat DNA by Ramone De La Porta, whose businesses she ran, in order to obtain cat-like abilities to aid her in museum robberies. It was Lucy's job to steal from the museum's stone tablets that were written about the powers of the Primal Stones, treasures from Kong Island said to grant the owner control over the elements. She was then made to host an art gallery opening in De La Porta's place before being assigned to go and steal the final tablet from a private collector's home. Upon exiting with the tablet in hand, Lucy found Kong waiting for her. She began to fight him, and was quickly aided by Omar in rat form. Due to her heightened hearing, Lucy was able to hear police helicopters coming toward them and fled the scene with Omar in human form, leaving the others to the authorities. She and De La Porta were then granted the loan of the tablet by the private collector, but it was crushed by Kong before they could read it.


By using a Cyber-Link Wearable Computer, Lucy can merge her DNA with that of animals to form a Cyber-Link Mutant.


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