Evil Kong

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Evil Kong
Evil Kong
Alternate names "The dark side of his nature"
Species Alternate Universe Kong
Height 40 feet
Enemies King Kong
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series episode 23, "Renewal"
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He must confront the dark side of his nature.

— Shaman

Evil Kong is an alternate universe Kong who first appeared in episode 23 of the 2000 animated TV series Kong: The Animated Series, "Renewal".


Evil Kong is never given a name, although the Shaman calls him "the dark side of Kong's nature."


Evil Kong's appearance is almost identical of that of Kong's, with the main differences being that Evil Kong has a purple-ish or brown-ish fur color and bright red eyes that can glow white.


Evil Kong's origins are left unknown.


Kong: The Animated Series


After Kong failed his test, Lua convinced the original Shaman to give Kong a second chance, to which the Shaman agreed. He sent Kong on a quest to retrieve a Primal Stone that was at the top of a mountain. While Kong was running through a forest, Evil Kong was stalking him; when he noticed, Kong let out a roar. The evil Kong unrooted a tree and threw it at Kong, although Kong dodged it. Kong ran towards the mountain as his evil doppelganger followed him. The Evil Kong used tree branches to trip Kong and used a make-shift lasso to tie him up. He stepped on Kong and prepared to smash a stone on him, but when distracted by a fire caused by lighting, he was tripped by Kong who then broke apart the rope and escape. As Kong climbed the mountain and lost grip of a rock, Evil Kong grabbed him and attempted to bring Kong down with him. After a tsunami started approaching Kong Island, the Evil Kong made both of them fall off the mountain and into a ravine, but Kong grabbed a tree root and saved both of them from the fall. Kong struggled to get his evil version off of him, but after a while, Evil Kong laughed and suddenly vanished, allowing Kong to climb out of the ravine.



Evil Kong's physical strength is on par with Kong's, demonstrated during their battle. He was also able to unroot a tree and throw it.


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