Welcome to Ramone's

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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Indian Summer
Welcome to Ramone's
DNA Land
Welcome to Ramone's
Welcome to Ramone's
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 19
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Edouard Blanchot,
Philippe Valériola

Welcome to Ramone's is the nineteenth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


At Ramone De La Porta's museum in New York City, Omar unboxes a statue of a Minotaur for display, which gives De La Porta the idea to use the Cyber-Link Computer to create a living Minotaur. On Kong Island, Jason Jenkins receives an email from De La Porta who tells him he wishes to return the Primal Stones and hopes there can be peace between them, so he invites him to a party at his museum. His grandmother refuses to allow him to go, as she is fully aware that it is a trap, but is persuaded, and allows them to formulate a plan and equips them with a device that would allow her to take control of the museum's security systems and a communications device. When they arrive, they release Kong in a warehouse belonging to one of Tan's uncles, and head for the party with Lua and Tan in disguise. Jason enters first and gets a private tour from De La Porta, but as Tan and Lua enter their faces are recognized by security software in use by Omar. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected snowstorm, most guests leave the Gala early. Lua and Tan then go to search for Jason, but are swallowed by a trap door in the museum floor. Luckily, Kong hears Lua's cry for help and leaves the warehouse to find them. De La Porta then takes Jason to the Primal Stones, where he entreats Jason to join him and become his successor to unlock heir mysteries, but Jason refuses and De La Porta unleashes the Minotaur. He then uses Jason as a ransom to obtain the remaining Primal Stones on the Island. Kong then enters the museum as Lua and Tan are sedated with sleeping gas, and the Minotaur is released on him and they begin to battle. Beneath the museum, Lua and Tan are discovered by two guards, who wake them up but are immediately taken out. Lua and Tan then rescue Jason and go to Kong, who defeats the Minotaur. De La Porta then awakens after being hit in the head with a book, and he rearranges the tunnels beneath his museum. Dr. Jenkins helps them by giving them the new map, but De La Porta shuts off the exits, and the Minotaur reawakens and attacks again. Dr. Jenkins shuts a door on it, and the group reaches the room holding the Primal Stones, which De La Porta sucks into the floor before lowering the ceiling. Kong holds it up, and Dr. Jenkins overloads the system, allowing them to escape on a freight elevator. Unfortunately, the Minotaur escaped as well, but Kong was able to fight it off and they were all able to escape.






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