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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Master of Souls
Enlil's Wrath
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 16
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Stéphanie Piera
Air date Unknown

Billy is the sixteenth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


At the docks of New York City, a boy called Billy and his sister Jessica are attempting to rescue a trapped cat when Kong runs past them to pursue Omar, who, as Cyber-Rat is holding Lua hostage. Jason Jenkins and Kong manage to save her, but in the fray Billy goes missing. His sister is recovered, and giant footprints are discovered at the site, prompting Eric Tannenbaum IV to become worried that Kong would be found and blamed for the crime, but Dr. Lorna Jenkins informs them of a Cyber-Link Mutant that is terrorizing the downtown area. Kong and Jason goes to fight it, but Kong only lures it to Central Park where he refused to attack it. Tann then goes to the police to talk with Billy's sister, and relates to her how he had been at the docks the other day and she relays the story from her point of view, revealing that after Kong and the Cyber-Rat had gone off, they discovered Omar's Cyber-Link Computer, which Billy had put on before attempting to pet the cat they had saved. Elsewhere, Kong removes the Cyber-Link, forcing Jason out of his body, as he desperately tries to avoid hitting the creature. Tann then relays to them that the monster is Billy the missing child, and Lua attempts to remove his Cyber-Link, but the air force comes to eliminate Billy. The pilot of the Exterminator, then notices Kong and fires on him, just as Jason returns Kong to his body causing him to miss and hit a freighter on the water. Jason, Lua and Tann then take Billy to a hospital owned by Tann's parents and his family comes to visit him.





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