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Set in The Sleeping City
Species Jackal/Man Hybrid
Forms Statue, Organic
Allies Servants of Set
Enemies Kong, Osiris
First appearance Kong: The Animated Series Episode 13: The Sleeping City

Set is an ancient Egyptian god that appeared in episode 13 of the 2000 animated kaiju show, Kong: The Animated Series titled The Sleeping City.


Set is named for, and intended to represent the Egyptian god of violence and disorder, also called Set, or Seth.


Set appears as a brown skinned man with clawed feet and a black Jackal's head with yellow eyes. He wears decorated arm bands and a breastplate that matches his Staff, and a short yellow cloth around his thighs.


Set was the god of Night and Evil in the Ancient Egyptian religion. He and the rest of his fellow gods were somehow sealed in Akurvaash, The Sleeping City in its Hall of the Gods.


Kong: The Animated Series

The Sleeping City

After being sealed in The Sleeping City, Set was trapped as a statue for thousands of years. However, with his parting words, Set vowed to grant whomever revived him with eternal life. After receiving a tip from Ramone De La Porta, Dr. Nagir, an Egyptologist, and his team discovered the Sleeping City, and De La Porta forced him to lead him inside to revive Set and gain eternal life. After they reached the statue of Set, De La Porta loaded a Primal Stone into a cavity on Set's chair, which restored him to life. De La Porta then reminded Set of his promise, and Set obliged to giving his rescuer eternal life by turning him into a statue. On noticing more humans in his presence, Set released his servants, mummified dog-men not unlike himself, on the interlopers after they fired upon him. They fled, but De La Porta's henchmen shot at them until Kong arrived and smacked the hellhounds back into Set, who absorbed them into his body. Set then began chanting in order to raise the city to surface level, which would awaken his fellow gods with whom he would destroy the world. Kong then attacked Set, but Set simply knocked him back. At that point, Kong was advised to use the whip of Osiris, to capitalize on the rivalry between Set and Osiris. At the touch of his enemy's weapon Set turned into a statue and crumbled to dust.


Staff of Set

Set's staff is the source of his power. He uses it to reanimate his mummified henchmen, and can channel his magic abilities though it to raise the city and reanimate his fellow gods.


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  • In the Egyptian mythology, Set's head is a nondescript animal known to Egyptologists as the Set Animal.


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