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Kong: The Animated Series Episodes
Mistress of the Game
The Infinity Stone
Series Kong: The Animated Series
Episode # 8
Directed by Marc Boréal
Written by Randy Littlejohn, Christy Marx, Romain Van Liemt
Air date Unknown

Reborn is the eighth episode of Kong: The Animated Series.


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While Jason Jenkins, Lua, Eric Tannenbaum IV, and King Kong searched for the ruins of Shamas-Ra, the capital of the greatest Atlantean city on Kong Island, they were watched by a mysterious creature. upon finding the city's temple, Lua and Tan went inside while Jason and Kong explored the surface. While in the temple, Tan stumbled upon the tomb of the King and Queen of Shamas-Ra and put on one of their crowns, which allowed him to be possessed with his spirit. He quickly put the queen's crown on Lua, but before they exited the temple, Jason saw them kissing, and began to think they were romantically involved. When the King and Queen emerged and discovered their city in ruins, they vowed to use "The Great Crystal", powered by the Primal Stone of Lightning to rebuild it, and to vanquish Chiros. Meanwhile, Jason came to grips with his feelings about Tan and Lua's relationship he was driven up a tree by velociraptors. Kong rescued him, and they headed back to Kong's lair where The King and Queen had sedated Dr. Jenkins with a magic scepter. The mysterious creature that had been following Lua and Tan then returned to the Temple of Chiros, where it reported to him what it had seen. Chiros recognized the King and Queen as Rahni and Uulak, and he called his minions Harpy and Onimous to destroy his age old enemies. Jason then received a call from his grandmother, who informed him that Tan and Lua had been possessed. He quickly located them at the temple where they were repairing The Great Crystal. King Ulaak attacked Jason, which attracted Kong. They did not fight long before Harpy descended and attacked with a swarm of flying minions. Jason and the Atlanteans formed a truce and were able to destroy all of the minions. Kong was able to grab Harpy from the air and throw her at a wall so hard that she was reduced to dust. Then Onimous dropped through the ceiling and enticed Kong to fight it. Uulak and Rahni then fired the Great Crystal at the monster, but it was ineffective, and in fact powered it up. Kong then merged with Jason and used a mirror from the temple wall to reflect the Crystal's beam and destroyed it. He then sent Onimous hurtling into a wall where it melted into liquid. The temple then began to crumble, but Kong was able to get everyone out. Outside, Uulak and Rahni realized that in their quest for revenge they had hurt more then helped and shared one last kiss before removing the crowns and returning to death. Lua and Tan awoke in a kiss heavily bewildered.




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